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Win98 To Winxp a tutorial on.......how to upgrade

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There are lot of windows version available in the markets. I am using win98 and win xp (Dual booting) on my pc. Many pc users donot know how to install winxp. However majority of users would install winxp on their machine. Winxp is very popular among pc users and it’s main reason “eye catching” graphics. If you want to upgrade win98 to windows xp you can consider following steps –

For upgrading win98 to winxp , you first boot your pc in win98. Donot run any program and quit all programs running in the background, including antivirus and popup blockers. Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD/DVD drive of your computer, and let it. Do not press shift key.

Before start Beware if your system dates back prey2k, then you will get problems installing windows xp.

When autorun cd start, winxp welcome screen appears. Choose “check system compatibility” option. Then choose “check my system automatically” option. If it asks to connect internet skip it. This test is used for check your system compatibility against windows xp.

Ones this test complete, You will get report where you will get information about the components who have older version drivers, bios or any other software which is not compatible for windows xp.

So if you want to upgrade windows, you have to download these upgrade (listed in testing report). I suggest you to upgrade your all system drivers and bios before switching on winxp.

When you download all drivers update then update them. Now you can run scandisk before installing winxp.

Again I remind you here, Please close all running programs and background process. If you do not do that you will get an error message. Quit all program running in the background and proceed with installation.


When you see Setup Wizard Screen, you can choose an installation option from dropdown menu “Upgrade” besides “Installation Type”. This option can upgrade your windows98 to windows xp.

When you press next key, you will see license agreement. If you want to upgrade your win98 to winxp, you have to press accept button. After pressing accept button a new screen appear where winxp setup ask CD key. If you want to continue you have to enter this cd key. You can see this cd key on windows xp CD Case on an orange colored sticker.

When you press next key, Upgrade advisor run again. It checks all drivers because upgrade of drivers required if you want to upgrade your win98 to winxp. If any old version (of any driver or software) found next screen ask to download latest version of this driver or software. You can skip it.

In next step winxp setup starts, files are copied on your computer and after some time it ask to reboot. Donot hit any key it reboot automatically.

After reboot windows xp setup runs again, it install some more files, devices and register all its components.

In final step when all setup files are installed , devices and other setting are configured and saved. Winxp setup start remove unnecessary files and temporary files.After removing all this files winxp setup reboot your system.

After system reboots, You will see Winxp blue screen. Now you can setup here administrator account and other user accounts. You will provide them rights to use your computer. After settings up all account winxp ask you to register you copy of winxp with Microsoft. If you do not have net connection you can skip it.

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when upgrading win98 to winXP, I was using CD winXP installer,then before installing process, I formatted my HD first..format harddisk is necessary to make your HD better permormance., <_<

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