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Does Anyone Else Play Kingdom Of Loathing?

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Does anyone else play Kingdom of Loathing?

my username on it is Reekun i'm a twice-ascended level 14 Hardcore Boozefaterian Disco Bandit :P


Looking for something to do?


You should go see the Council of Loathing in Seaside Town.


Ascension is the ultimate goal of the game. Upon reaching level 11 (it's ridiculous, it's not even funny! / INSIDE JOKE AHAHA), and completing all other quests, you unlock the Final Quest: Defeat the Naughty Sorceress.


It's insanely difficult, involving 7 unique combats, a lot of puzzles, and the hardest monsters in the game. When you finally clear it all, you get to fight the big bad Sorceress herself at the end.


And when you defeat her, the game "ends". You save the king, and have beaten the game. I really thought the game ended there... then I ascended ahaha.


Because an adventurer is you! this is truly a fun game but I only know like three people that play it :P

The various duckful zones of McMillicancuddy's farm should now have links back to the island when they become duckless.

that's from the duck quest, the funnest quest in KoL by far!


I'm at level 13, in the midst of the Trapzor quest (in the mine right now). I only have enough meat for either Nimble Fingers or Mad Looting Skillz, so which should I buy first?


I'm looking in Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage, and one of the bricks says "We don't need no education."


This just might make my day.


training at the Icy Peak I make a ton of meat, so by the time I would be able to equip it, I assume I would have enough meat to make it without the 21k I'd get from the dictionary.


The main thing I am looking for is more adventures each day, I already have a meat maid. Also, is there a good place to gather Spices? I usually just buy them in the mall each day to make delicious spicy noodles, but they are like 2k each. What is a good booze that is affordable, or I can find the ingredients myself easily for my level to get adventures each day? ( I have liver of steel)


who else meat-farms I might try the castle!


This is the best game ever! I'm having so mjuch fun, even some free cooking! Look me up: annu or schie! My other username is Reekun :P


I've only ascended once, as a Seal Clubber. I'm not a level 11 Disco Bandit. I love being impossible to hit, but I hear that Moxie works negatively against the Naughty Sorceress, because she'll hit you harder. Is this true?


Actually, I just realized something...

if u give me your username (KoL), I can send meat/items to you if you need help :D


Hey, quick favor? There's about 20 minutes until maintenance. Could someone trade a twinkly wad for a bottle of swamp gas for me? I'd do it, but I'm in oxycore and can't get to any wads today.


I'll give you several wads in return!


I look at what others are selling for and knock off a little bit so that mine shows up instead of theirs.


For example, I got some of those jagged can lids in the haunted pantry and found them in the market for 5000. So I put it up at 4800.


I love the flea market. I sold an easy to get item for 4800 and used 3700 to buy a high level accessory that gave me 12 more strength, a big boost at level 5.


I hope there's some pro's in this forum :D


I rescued the king. I'm not ascending yet though. Going for Pulverise.


Have you been using food and booze to their fullest advantage? If you don't have a lot of meat at this point, I think the cheapest good deals are ballroom blintzes and flutes of flat champagne from the mall. We've also got a few blintzes in the clan stash.


That's my Hardcore ascension strategy


I also bought the bouquet from the store. Seriously awesome stuff.

I figure I'll nab mine towards the end of the month, so I'd be interested to know how it performs over time for you.


What should I get for my ascension skill?


You can get more adventures by eating, drinking, having a meat maid at your campsite, being in a clan, or having certain pieces of equipment during rollover (dead guy's watch, time pieces, chrome weapons, etc.). After rollover you will have your 40 standard adventures back, plus any from the day before, plus any from what I listed above.


MAX OUT YOUR ADVENTURES and then you can super meat farm :D


Saphyre (#550172)

Level 18




Current Hit Points: 262

Maximum Hit Points: 267 (base: 213)

Current Mana Points: 489

Maximum Mana Points: 489 (base: 444)






306 (base: 298)







Hot Protection: Minor

Stench Protection: Meager

Adventures remaining: 62

Meat: 15,443

Favorite Food: hot wing

Favorite Booze: ice-cold Willer

Turns Played: 13374

Days Played: 401



You must gain 30 Mysticality to advance to level 19.



star hat

star staff

star pants

chocolate spurs





(click the skill name for a description)

Liver of Steel

Manicotti Meditation

Minor Ray of Something

Entangling Noodles

eXtreme Ray of Something


Cone of Whatever

Weapon of the Pastalord

Lasagna Bandages

Leash of Linguini

Spirit of Rigatoni

Cannelloni Cocoon

Spirit of Ravioli

Springy Fusilli

Tolerance of the Kitchen

Flavour of Magic

Transcendental Noodlecraft


Current Familiar:

Got, the 25-pound Cocoabo (400 kills)




what else can I say about this fantabulous game!!



Kingdom Of Loathing. An MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that can be found over at https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/login.php?loginid=0df0b518778840f4b82eb95b7c614440. A game that has seen the creation of nearly one million accounts over its three and a half year history. I myself have played the game since November 2003, I've seen the experienced nearly everything that the game can throw at you and enjoyed every minute of it. Most reviewers on other sites look at the game for five minutes and decide that it is crap, which I can tell you, is a complete lie, Kingdom Of Loathing (Kol for short) is one of the most addictive and fantastic games that I have ever played in my entire life, and it's FREE!



Kol has a long history, full of its ups and downs, that I am going to try and summarise in a couple of paragraphs.

The Kingdom Of Loathing was created in 2003 by Zack Johnson (aka Jick), who couldn't find a comedy RPG that didn't completely revolve around player versus player combat, so he decided to make one.

With the help of his friend Josh Nite (Mr Skullhead), Jick created his RPG, and christened it the Kingdom Of Loathing, it had lots of traditional RPG features, such as character classes with their own traits and skills, stats and levels, monsters that could be fought, items that could be found and used, crafts that could turn items into better items, a chatpane and forums where players could discuss their experiences, and a small amount of player versus player content. The game also had lots of original features, the most innovative of which was 'adventures', each player was given 40 adventures every day and going to a location (where monsters could be fought or things could be done), cost 1 adventure, and when a player ran out of adventures, they were finished for the day unless they got themselves some more through items. The other main original feature of the game was its jokes, nearly everything in the game had a joke or pop-culture reference worked into it, and this was one of the things that made the game quickly popular.

As the game got more and more popular, bugs were discovered and exploited, players came and left, and new content was constantly added to keep the players happy. The game progressed like this for a little over two years, with a few major events caused by things like bugs (such as Black Sunday, a time when the entire games economy was ruined by bug exploitation) and accidents (Every players inventory being deleted).

On June the 9th, 2005, the game came out of its 'beta' stage with the coming of 'ascension', where players could defeat the final boss of the game and reincarnate as a level one player to play the game again, players were encouraged to ascend by the number of options available (for example - players can take ascensions where they have access to their old items, or ascensions where they have no access to these items) and the huge amounts of post-ascension content.

Since ascension, Kol has progressed very well, few bugs are found, the game is stable, the game is updated around the clock, the community is thriving and everybody is happy.



The Naughty Sorceress captures the king of the Kingdom Of Loathing, Ralph XI, and it is your job to rescue him, fighting your way through the sorceresses monsters to rescue him, you must then defeat her to rescue the king and then restore peace to the kingdom. Sometimes, sub-stories are part of the game as well, such as the Penguin Mafia's evildoings or the Grey Plague that threatened to turn all of Kol's players into zombies. It's all great.



Kol is in black and white and all of its graphics are stick figures. That is what hordes of people who see the game immediately dislike it for. Personally, I think the stick figures are great, they are simple and funny, and really show how the game is comedic rather than serious. The lack of colour is no problem either (can you even colour stick-figures?), but there's always those who think that the game should have Halo-style graphics, they are ignored. The game has no sound whatsoever.



Where do I begin? Kol is highly addictive, once you start playing, you can never stop. You create your character on the main page, choosing which class you want to be, from there, you just activate your account and can play.

You get forty adventures a day (there are ways to get more) that you can use doing whatever you want, some things require adventures, and some don't. Adventuring allows you to go to areas and either explore them or fight monsters, getting stats that allow you to level, items that can be used to boost your characters power, or be used in your characters crafts and meat (the games currency) that can be used to buy things. Player versus Player (PvP) combat allows you to test your skills against others. The mall allows you to play the games economy, buying and selling like theirs no tomorrow. Clans allow you to be part of a group, you can share your stories, stuff and can even fight against other clans. The casino allows you to gamble your meat (which is the games equivalent of money) against either the computer or against others, as well as betting on the underground wrestling scene. Guilds allow you to train class-specific skills that allow you to be stronger in or out of combat, make better items with your crafts or improve other aspects of your game. The Museum allows you to see various records from the past, as well as display your collections of items for all to see. Familiars provide you with companionship, and can be raised as you raise yourself. Leaderboards give players the opportunity to prove that they are the best at a certain aspect of the game. Collectibles such as tattoos and trophies provide an extra challenge for perfectionists. The comedy is absolutely superb, as mentioned before, just about everything has a joke or reference in it (such as the dreaded Trouser Snake monster or the dancing Astral Badger familiar). It's all fantastic.



Kol, without a doubt, has one of the best communities I have ever seen. The first area of community is the Kmail system, players can send messages, items and meat to one another through a message system, though sending things between your own accounts is not allowed and gets you banned from the game). The second area of the community is chat, Kol's chat is made up of a series of channels, each channel is designed for a different thing, such as the trade channel, which is designed for trading, and the pvp channel, which is designed for PvP discussion, each channel has its own rules and policies (every channel forbids spoilers, flaming and bad links, whilst bad grammar is looked down on) these rules are enforced by a set of moderators, who are appointed by the games admins and have the power to ban wrongdoers from the chat.

The third area of the games community is the forums, Kol has a set of nine forums, one allows players to discuss the game, one allows players to discuss meet-ups and community issues, one allows players to ask questions about the game, one allows players to buy and sell things such as artwork and literature, one allows players to make contests, one allows players to discuss non-kol matters, one allows players to spam their hearts out, one allows players to insult and be horrible to one another, whilst the last is an archive of the above, each forum has its own guidelines and these are once again enforced by moderators, the forums also have many traditions and memes, with highlights being things such as a thread with a running GameFAQ's joke and yiffing, which I'm not even going to explain here. The fourth (and probably biggest) area of Kol's community is player projects, through the forums and the game, players can run all sorts of projects, ranging from philanthropic giveaways to pvp events and mall sales, some of the games bigger player projects are huge aspects of the game, Radio Kol is broadcast 24/7 by a team of superb DJ's, fansites such as the Kol Wiki provide information on absolutely everything in the game, artwork from all sorts of players is in high demand, magazines such as Kol Weekly and Syphilis attracted large amounts of readers, comics are read and laughed at by hundreds of forum members, literature is read and discussed, whilst game content is discovered by players who work together to find it. It's all excellent.



Kol can literally last you forever, there are hundreds of different things you can accomplish, from having the best collection of a certain item to being top of a leaderboard, from having all the trophies to being one of the highest level players. It's all incredible.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Loathing. The Kingdom of Loathing (Kol) is a browser based online multiplayer game that provides a great deal of humor, and surprizing amounts of strategy.



Gameplay in Kol is varied. From fighting and slaying monsters, to reading "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth" after typing in an obscene word into a response window, Kol presents a general RPG that has so many extras thrown in. Add a solid PvP, clans and a user-based economy, much of the game is player based. But the beauty is that you can go solo, or you can have a group of friends who you all support, and are supported by help you through the game.


RPG Elements:

Kol is a parody of almost any other RPG out there. Meat for instance, is the currency of the world. KoL pokes fun at the stat building in traditional RPGs, while having a good system itself in allowing characters to be customized. Characters can equip a large range of items, learn skills and do things. KoL's story is not a very strong point in the game, but the hillarity in its design overshadows the by far.


Player Interaction:

KoL presents many layers of player interaction. Attacking each other in PvP, buying items, or even just hurling toilet paper over their tend or cottage, KoL allows players to interact and help one another. Clans, previously mentioned, often become large groups that are very close and supportive of one another.



I have some complaints about the economy. The first is that the player-controled malls tend to be a huge fight battle, and unless you can find an item, buying it at the mall will cost you. And cost you it will. The mall is prone to price gouging, but it also serves as a way of turning an item into more profit than just selling it.



The KoL community is huge, something very good today. The one large complaint is that scamming, while heavily punished does happen. The general rule of thumb when trading for anything valuable is to think things through and take your time. Haste (unlike final fantasy, which the game parodies) does make waste in this situation. The KoL community is alsoa stickler for good grammar, spelling and punctuation. They also dislike the public giving of spoilers.


Replay Value:

With a game system of ascending, the chance to play through the game as a different class is greatly appealing. Being able to keep your old items is even more appealing, if you can wait 600 turns to exit ronin and access them again.




Overall, KoL is a very good game. Varied and interesting gameplay, an economy that relies of players, a massive community who use proper language and a massive amount of content that is humorous makes KoL a very good RPG. Despite being a parody of traditional RPGs, KoL is a very good one itself!


The Kingdom of Loathing. A nifty web-based game that relies on humor and quirkiness, instead of graphics and music. This is nearly the exact opposite of todays games... where graphics are king, and gameplay takes second fiddle. Sad, really.


Graphics: Okay, take the graphics with a grain of salt. Stick figures and poorly hand-drawn monsters. You can tell that Assymmetric Publications doesn't put a lot of time nor effort into it. Then again, that's really part of Kingdom of Loathing's (or KoL) charm. The goofy little monsters, and stick figure heroes. A poorly drawn sword in one hand, and a martini in the other.


Gameplay: Well, it's a web-based game. There are menus. Turn-based RPG combat, too. You click around the kingdom, selecting where you want to go... like the Seaside Town, the Gnomish Gnomad's camp, or the Misspelled Cemetary (Yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way). Depending on the area, you can be brought into a combat, another map to "explore", or there can be an adventure with no combat. Combats themselves are simple. You encounter the foe (which often has a humorous name and description), click on if you want to attack, use an item, use a skill, or run, and go at it. Next round of combat, and so on. Really, it's quite simple.


Ah yeah, I mentioned adventures up there, didn't I? Adventures are your "turns". Most actions take them. Going into an area that has combats or other such events will take an adventure. Exploring non-combat areas like most of the Seaside Town, though, will not. Buying from the Market and Mall won't, either. Making booze and food will, though... unless you get some certain items.


Booze and food! Ah, the lifeblood of any adventurer. Now, you don't have to eat or drink. Not at all. Doing so, though, gives you more adventures (which cap at 200 at a time, and refresh at the late-night rollover). Some booze is better than others, and some food is better. Some... do bad things, too... so be careful.


Combat. Back to combat. When you fight something, you lose an adventure. However, when you kill something, you gain Meat (the local currency), experience for one of your three statistics, and possibly items. The higher your statistics get, the stronger, more magical, and more moxious (ability to hit, not get hit, etc.) you shall become. Also, more quests open up the stronger you get.


Now, you can also interact with the other members of the Kingdom of Loathing... though not as much as in your standard online game. You can enter the chat (provided you pass the Alter of Literacy's challenge), and speak to other members there. Also, you can send messages, items, or beneficial spells to other members. There's also a clan system, where you can get bonuses and go through automated clan combats. While the interaction isn't as rich as a standard online game, it's simple, and effective.


I haven't even scratched the surface as to the expanse of this games gameplay. There's so much more to explore and behold... so once you start playing, examine and explore. Test and try different things. Push comes to shove? Ask someone for help! Some of the chatters can be quite friendly.


Sound: Nonexistent. This is a web-based game, and a very simple one at that. It's nothing to worry about, though. It's not like you can't turn on some music and listen while you play. As has been stressed, this is a simple game... so don't expect a lot of bells and whistles (or any sounds, for that matter) from KoL. Just play, and enjoy.


Story: You are... an adventurer. A weak, wimpy little adventurer with nothing but your class specific weapon and other item. You're pathetic! Anyhow, apparently, the Naughty Sorceress, who is the bad-girl supreme in the lands, has kidnapped the wise and noble King Ralph XI. She's taken him into her tower, and imprisoned him in some sort of crystal, no less! What lack of respect!


Anyhow, the Council of Loathing, which is led by presumably the wise minds of the Seaside town, wish you to help them out. Sending you on many quests and missions, it all comes to a climax when you come face to face with the Naughty Sorceress herself. There, you fight for the fate of the Kingdom. Sally forth, adventurer.


Fun Factor: Incredible. I have a great time with this game. It's updated very often, and there are so many quests and different places to explore. Play differently, depending on your class. Do as many sidequests as you want, or none at all. Take your time and enjoy the game, or try and blow through it as fast as possible. You can play it your way. It's fun, funny, and all around enjoyable. I play it every day.


Replayability: Vast. Once you beat the game (Defeating the Naughty Sorceress, and freeing the King), you can "ascend." You return to Level 1, with all of your items (unless you choose a hardcore ascension.. which will be detailed once you're at that point), ready to stomp through it all again. new things open up as you beat the game and ascend, so it's very unlikely that you will have the same game experience twice. I've been paying KoL for three years, and I still haven't gotten tired of it. Still using the same character I made when I started out.


Buy or Rent? It's on the web... and you don't pay a dime. Buy? Rent? Just register a character, and go beat up some Evil Cans of Asparagus. Careful! This one's got a knife!


I've rambled on through this a lot longer than I thought I would... but I hope I've conveyed that the Kingdom of Loathing is an entertaining, funny game. it's not as complex as it may seem, and it's very deep at the same time. Extremely satisfying, without a doubt. Enough reading! Go on! Go complete some quests, join a clan, and get your butt kicked by a Ninja Snowman.


This is my main account, level 17 Pastamancer :P I'm about to beat NS13

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I actually know quite a few people who play Kingdom of Loathing, I have it bookmarked on my laptop XD. I haven't played it in some time though >.> kinda like Shinobi Legends... Hmm...I personally haven't played KoL enough to know that much about it, but one of my best friends (who showed me the site) might know the answers to all of your questions. I shall ask him tonight during our phone conversation and get back to you ^-^/end

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i need help

Does Anyone Else Play Kingdom Of Loathing?


I need hep geting meat how do you do it?

My user is <|||ilikesourapples|||>


-reply by ilikesourapples

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why? help!?Does Anyone Else Play Kingdom Of Loathing?

I play it. It's the best! I had an account. I was a turtle tamer in level more than 1 and less than 10. I had an idea about stacking up my adventures. From 40 a day, I didn't play a whole week. When I played again, I had tons of adventures! I continued not loging in for one month, I didn't play for months. When I wanted loged back in, I forgot my username and password! I tried all my password and username combinations but it didn't work! you can't register twice. When I tried to register again, it worked! somehow, my past account was deleted. Why? But all is better now! I'm now a sauseror at level 6 going for level 7! I have more items and familiars now! I even have rare items! I hope we become good KoL friends! my account is chino09! 

-reply by chino09

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I'm back to playing KoL regularly with varying classes in way too many ascensions.If anyone here needs something, just send me a message (same Username there) and I'll see what I can do.My next hardcore/Bad Moon ascension isn't for a while, so I should get access to most of my stuff.

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Meat farmingDoes Anyone Else Play Kingdom Of Loathing?

 First, get yourself a leprechaun (no spoilers here, google it if you must). Then, get yourself a "world's smallest violin" (best for moxie classes) and a cup of infinite pencils. Put on a poodle skirt and an ancient turtle shell helmet. Get a meat detector for your leprechaun. Get a natty blue ascot and other +meat accessories (try some of the hippy/frat war rewards). Once all that is  acquired, level up your leprechaun and get anything else you can to raise your meat gains, like skills. Then, go to the castle in the sky. I have been adventuring for about 2-3 weeks now, I have a little over 1 million. 

Pardon my English, I'm a Montrealer.

A plus tard ( 'Till a later day)



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