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Nvidia 9600gt!

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I got an e-mail today from eVGA (subscriber, i am...) and guess what? It said that the 9600GT was out! (this is the second time subscribing to some mailing list bought something useful) now anywway. For those who don't believe me go to this site http://www.evga.com/articles/394.asp and check it out for yourself!

anyhoo... specifications are:

65nm GPU at 740MHz

64 Stream Processors

512MB memory 256-bit GDDR3 operating at 1950MHz

PCI Express 2.0

and it is cheap too... only US$219.99 for the most expensive one... http://www.evga.com/Products/Feature.aspx

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wow running at 1950MHz for GDDR3. I didn't they got up to that speed already.. amazing. I am definitely building me a gaming machine with one of these when I get the money. about 3000 grand would build me a nice system I think (keeps dreaming) something with dual video card a must.Anyway thanks for the heads up.

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