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Acid Test 3

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Well there is a new Acid test out and from the creators of Acid2, Acid3 focuses on Acid3 will focus on ECMAScript and DOM the dynamic side of the Web. Right now the Acid3 is like 84% complete in since it needs 16 more scripts to be complete and so took a beta test on all the major browser and these are the results which also include Acid 2 and browser Version.


Firefox 2


Acid 2 - Failed

Acid 3 - 50/100


Firefox 3b3


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 - 59/100


IE 6


Acid 2 - Failed

Acid 3 - 12/100


IE 7


Acid 2 - Fail

Acid 3 - 14/100


IE 8


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 - 17/100


Safari 3.0.4


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 39/100


Konqueror 4.0.1


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 - 49/100


Opera 9.25


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 - 46/100


Opera 9.5b


Acid 2 - Passed

Acid 3 - 60/100


Well it would seem that the new browsers are going to be the best ever going into 2008 but now the big question will be can Internet Explorer 8 back up that claim this year when it goes beta this summer I believe. Its good to know that that Firefox 3 passed the Acid 2 test once again after a rocky FF3b2 test that destroyed the face. Although I would try to predict this but to many questions pop up especially for those who start converting and all that stuff but I would say somewhere in 2009 it will be Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer in the browser wars while use of others will be used by the hardest of hardcore browser users and what not.


So we got 5 major browsers who have passed the acid 2 test, and one claiming they have, but I predict that something major will happen if IE 8 flops bigger then vista and IE7 combine. So it should be a interesting 2008 in the browser wars.


Also if your an uber scripter and what to help the acid test crew then check out this link for all the info.

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it is really a shame for MS to have a product that is not up to the standards. Among the list of all available web browsers, only Microsoft's IE 6 and IE 7 fail the Acid 2 Test.The IE 8 dev team has claimed that IE8 has passed the Acid 2 Test. They should have done this for IE 7 and they should also build IE 8 so that it'll pass the Acid 3 test with a score of 100. If not then shame on them that they can't even achieve what the other little browser's have achieved.

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