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My New Portfolio Site need a review if you have time thanks

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I've always started projects and never finish because I try and do too much but this time I figured out I really need my own protfolio site when going for a job you need one, people want to see your work and having it online in one location would be much nicer then having them go to different links, look in your CD/DVD or computer hard disk drives.

I started this 2 days ago and have the template almost solid. There is probably some bugs I'm missing but I'll try and clean it up later when I have time. I think I'm happy enough with the overall look and layout, its a nice expanding width content layout, first one I have done with containing blocks of images as borders. thanks for j man(cant remember his full name as of now) for helping me out.

I went for png + transparent type of image so I can possibly change background colors later without needed to reload images up. Sorry IE 6 users I don't see the point in trying to build a gif style layout. If your using IE 6 its because you cannot upgrade to IE 7.

Anyway heres the link

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ oh yeah I put you straight to my abouts page. Maybe I can get some comments on my resume too since I'm not a very strong writer. Thanks in advanced.

let me know what you think please.

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Very nice.
A quick suggestion, a small one only...

line 43 column 1749 - Warning: trimming empty <p>

That is the only flaw that the Validator finds. Seems there is a stray p-tag running around loose... not a biggie, but as it is a 'Portofio' site, you should put your best foot forward and clean that little boo-boo... not a big deal, but since your About page suggests that you code to the standards, I would clean that up. No telling where it comes from because the page is php-driven, but I'm sure you can squash it easily.

Excellent presentation. Very clean design. Nice work.

OH! by the way, that IE6 png thing can be fixed. PM me if you want to give it a shot. A small javascript script runs on-load and fixes the IE6 Alpha layers. Not a biggie, either...

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I tired that link you gave me for the IE6 png fix but it dosent seem to work. I put a delay with setTimeout on the function call but it still does not work. Any ideas why?

update* I found out more about pngs and IE6


* Doesn't work in IE versions earlier than 5.5 - the AlphaImageLoader filter wasn't introduced until version 5.5. There is no cure for earlier versions. * Requires JavaScript to be enabled - the estimations for how many people choose not to use JS vary wildly. See note [1]* CSS backround PNGs not supported - experimentation revealed I could traverse the Stylesheets collection and use the AlphaImageLoader trick to replace all background-image attributes containing PNGs, but then background-repeat would not work, and anchors placed over non-transparent parts of the image were not clickable :-(
* CSS rules for the PNG images based on the img selector are lost, but this is easily rectified by adding a class selector to your img rule such that img{..} becomes img,.png{..} - then add the attribute class="png" to each of your PNGs.

So it does not work for css background images, also does not tile and other bad effects.

Check out my new banner :P its pimp. I was bored last night and got sick of my plain old banner so I decided to change it. I was thinking about how people create those cloud effects and wanted one of my own so I spent a few hours messing around until I got this.


I had a hard time because of image ready crashing on me so I got to this version and no save lol. If I get enough request I'll make a tutorial on how to get that effect. But since I don't see it often maybe no one likes it or no one knows. /gloat


I did a bit more work today on my site, The CMS for my site to handle portfolio entries seems to be working as expected. Still more tweaking needed. As for the work to put in I need to work on more lol. Also minor tweaks for tthe news section with CSS will help.
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My comments are going to mostly be about your resume but I'll just mention something quick about your site's design. It is very simple (in terms or 'flashiness') but it actually works quite nicely. As for your resume, I think you did a good job of giving the reader a general preview of who you are, but I would recommend that you try to add in a few more details. Other than just letting us know about your areas of expertise, let us also know about YOU as a person. You say you have "many interests" then take a little time to mention what they are and make your resume more personal. Just keep in mind that if you do go ahead and take my suggestion, you'll have to decide for yourself what the right balance of formality/professionalism and personality you want for your resume. Anyway, good luck with the website. I'll be starting college next year (Computer Science as well) and I know it's very difficult so good luck to you in school as well.

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