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"puzzle Crack" PuzzleQuest Challenge of the Warlords

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What do you get when an RPG adventure game and a puzzle game have a baby?


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It's my "hate crack" for the NDS ( although the screenshot here is for the PS2).


It's a pretty mindless simple game. You pick a character ( Mage, Warrior, whatever) and you get quests throughout the game. Some examples:

Patrol the area around said Kingdom

Escort Princess to her Barbarian Betrothed

Save Dwarf Slaves from Orc fiends

Etc etc etc.

Your usual run of the mill adventure game quests. The twist here though is that all your battles are puzzles in the vein of Bejeweled. Yup. You gotta out think the baddies.

Green orbs = Earth

Red orbs = Fire

Blue orbs= Water

Yellow orbs = Air

Purple thingummies = experience points

Stacks of coins = money

Skulls = enemy hit points

What you need to do is line up at least three of the skulls to "attack" your enemy. The orbs give you different skills you can use to attack without having to line up blobs of color. Each enemy is different though ( for instance Chief Orcs use red orbs to attack you ) so you do have to strategize to make the most out of your turns.

I play this game because I happen to love Jewel Puzzle games. If you like them as much as I do then you should be happy with this one as everything you do from battling, to capturing a mount, to learning spells from your captives or taking siege on a kingdom are nothing but puzzle battles.

If you are looking for a good RPG adventure game go somewhere else. The only action here is the screen emptying when you run out of mana (turns) or become victorious in your battle.


I must say that even though I don't paint a pretty picture for this game it is one of my favorites. In fact I recently got it for our PS2 because no one I know who has a NDS has ( or will get ) Puzzle Crack. I also have managed to get three of my friends addicted to this game after just turning it on and asking if they want to battle. Yes. It's THAT addicting......hence my reasoning behind renaming it "Puzzle Crack".



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I must say that even though I don't paint a pretty picture for this game it is one of my favorites-reply by Boyhotasia

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LOl!It is true though. It really IS one of my favorites. It's gotten so that I turned my roommate onto it. He beat it on the NDS and now GameTap offers it. Before my PS2 got sick I started holding mini-Puzzle Crack tournaments with various friends ( who soon found themselves addicted to it).At one point I had played it so much it got to a point that when I closed my eyes all I saw were those horrid little colored baubles, coins, stars and skulls.......oh my. Now that sounds like a demented knock off for Lucky Charms eh?Anyways needless to say I had to step away for awhile ( and that is why my roomy has beaten it before I have lol!)

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