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Scoring Systems For Games And Real Life I make those

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Have you ever looked at a comparison for products of the same type and wanted to find one that was just right for you, but there were so many options to sort them by that you just couldn't?

Or did you want to make a scoring system for a game, but couldn't think of anything original?

I "specialize" (in oher words, make a hobby) in tinkering with and combining objective rating systems, making them very obscure but fair nonetheless. If you want an example of my work, try out my Button Masher game (for which I designed the scoring system), or go view my webhost rating system. Their scores are both very complicated, but fair based on achievement.

(I'm sorry, but the game only works on Windows systems with .NET framework 2.0 or higher. I can't program in C that well yet.)

To play the Button Masher game, first configure it. Go to Edit\Reload\FPS (currently 64) and set the number of passes to a relatively high number like 10 or 12. Then, start the game. One of the buttons on the right should turn red. The "keypad" represents the keypad on your keyboard. (Laptop users, use the mouse to click on the buttons instead.) Press it. The counter in the uppermost box should turn red with a number. Don't let that number reach zero! Keep playing until it does. The time that you survive is the actual score, but I added in the third scoring system just as a bonus.

(I'm not sure where this should go, so I decided to put it in General Talk.)

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