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Spore release on 30th march (Uk)

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Spore is the bet looking, sounding game I have ever seen you control a creature that starts off in a bubble of water and grows into an intelligent species which finally moves into space.

But words can't do this game justice

Watch Spore Demonstration - This is before proper texture was developed but give a great idea of the game and how it's played

then watch Texture Demonstration which shows the graphics and the textures well!

This game when my friend described it to me made me think.. okay decent game. After watching the videos I have been eager to play this, the most amazing game in my opinion EVER

Unfortuanalty for USA you don't recieve this game untill may but for Uk people you have get this at the end of march!

Watch the videos, Get the Game.

Also the worlds and creatures are synced from other players. And you can literlary mod EVERYTHING from your creature to building.. look just watch the vids. They will explain it better than I ever could

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This has been a title I've been watching for well over a year. Besides everything you mentioned it is also exciting that the universe will be an ever-changing world via the internet.There's another demonstration video where Robin Williams plays the game and gives his own commentary. It's pretty hilarious.

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