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Make Windows Xp Look Like Vista It works. Really.

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I know that Vista came out a long time ago, and that most of you already have it, but for the people who don't, here's a tutorial on how to make your Windows XP look like Vista, with Aero Glass transparency, the Vista Start Menu, 3D Flip, and more.


NOTE: This only works on Windows XP, NOT on Windows 2000 or Win 9x.


Warning: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your computer from doing the things explained in this tutorial.


The steps should be done in order.


Download and Install StyleXP

StyleXP is a program that you can use to add Themes and Visual Styles to Windows XP. Download it here.


Download and Install the Vista Visual Styles Pack

Download this at the site here and run it. If there is a message saying that you do not have WindowBlinds, close it.


Apply the Vista Aero visual style

Open up StyleXP, go to the Visual Styles section, and select Windows Aero. Then select "Apply Style to Current Theme".


Download and Install WinFlip

WinFlip is a freeware program that can provide Windows XP with a feature similar to Vista's 3D Flip. Download it from its official site at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Then add a shortcut of the program in the StartUp folder so that it automatically runs every time Windows is started.


Download and Install TrueTransparency

TrueTransparency is a program that emulates the Aero Glass interface in Vista. Download it and install. You can find it on SoftPedia here. Once you install it, run it and it should appear in the Taskbar. Right-click the Taskbar icon and select "Run at Startup".


Now you should have a great-looking Vista theme. Congratulations and don't forget to post your comments.

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I've tried Transforming my Windows XP into Windows Vista but it's not the one posted here. It is Windows Vista Transformation Pack. It also transform you from Windows XP to Windows Vista. It really messes up my computer and makes my computer very slow as it was before. Well, that is another story.BTW: WinFlip has some bugs and the disadvantage of that bug is that your Windows Vista Orb Logo will disappear... but not actually disappear, it will became white but if your put your mouse there the Windows Vista will show again.And sometimes it crashes and will disable your Windows. For Example: I'm surfing the net then suddenly the WinFlip has crashed. I cannot close my explorer and disables everything that is related for Windows. So watch out for anything that will happen.

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if you really like the VISTA just get one. Changing the theme is resource hogger. It takes so much of space unnecessarily. Truetransparency has some bug. It doesn't work properly. For me it's a big no.

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