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Which Is The Best Java Web Framework? JSF, Spring MVC, Stripes, Struts 2, Tapestry and Wicket

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Java EE Standard - lots of demand and jobs

Fast and easy to develop with initially

Lots of component libraries


Tag soup for JSPs

Doesn't play well with REST or Security

No single source for implementation

Spring MVC


Lifecyle for overriding binding, validation, etc.

Integrates with many view options seamlessly: JSP/JSTL, Tiles, Velocity, FreeMarker, Excel, PDF

Inversion of Control makes it easy to test


Configuration intensive - lots of XML

Almost too flexible - no common parent Controller

No built-in Ajax support



No XML - Convention over Configuration

Good documentation (easy to learn)

Enthusiastic community


Small Community

Not as actively developed as other projects

Hard-coded URLs in ActionBeans

Struts 2


Simple architecture - easy to extend

Tag Library is easy to customize with FreeMarker or Velocity

Controller-based or page-based navigation


Documentation is poorly organized

No feedback for missing properties or invalid OGNL expressions

Googling results in Struts 1.x documentation



Very productive once you learn it

Templates are HTML - great for designers

Lots of innovation between releases


Documentation very conceptual, rather than pragmatic

Steep learning curve

Long release cycles - major upgrades every year



Great for Java developers, not web developers

Tight binding between pages and views

Active community - support from the creators


HTML templates live next to Java code

Need to have a good grasp of OO

The Wicket Way - everything done in Java

Next.. Evaluation Criteria for these frameworks..

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Have you tried Hamlets?Which Is The Best Java Web Framework?

Hamlets (previously known as IBM Servlet-based Content Creation Framework) is an open source system for generating dynamic web-pages developed by Ren? Pawlitzek at IBM. A Hamlet is a servlet extension that reads XHTML template files containing presentation using SAX (the Simple API for XML) and dynamically adds content on the fly to those places in the template which are marked with special tags and IDs using a small set of callback functions. A template compiler can be used to accelerate Hamlets. Hamlets provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, lightweight, small-footprint, servlet-based content creation framework that facilitates the development of Web-based applications. The Hamlets framework not only supports but also enforces the complete separation of content and presentation. It is the result of a radical software simplification effort.


-reply by Prince of Denmark


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