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Darfur Fundraising Event Needs some support

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A friend of mine will be performing a Fund-raising Bike Ride to raise funds for the people of Darfur.

I case you are un-aware, Darfur is in desperate need of Humanitarian Aid.


To support the campaign, I urge you to visit this link and please read the short blurb, then vote to support the effort.


Your Vote requires that you supply a valid email and reply to the email they will send back to you. Your personal information is protected and you will not be spammed.


The Vote will caost you nothing but a inute of your time. When enough votes are obtained, the Fund-raising will recieve financial support through the linked site and is only a portion of the funds required.


I thank you for assisting in this valuable effort.

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Yeah its pretty horrible whats going on over there. I've been to the website before and had a bit of read. Everytime you think your life is crap try and compare it to theirs they will laugh at you. They havent even got food and you have internet.

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