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Xbox 360 Arcade review for the X360 arcade

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1. Xbox 360 console built on new processor, this runs much cooler, quicker than the standard processor for the Xbox 360 premium, which are to this day prone to overheating known as the ring of fire Or in other words Hardware failure meaning they have to be sent back to Microsoft for repairs, although Premium 360s built end of 2007 onwards have been built using newer 60/65nm processor chipset.2. Wireless Controller included, exactly the same as whats included with the ?250 Premium package.3. Standard AV cable, exactly the same as whats included with the ?250 Premium package.4. 256MB Memory Unit, might not be the same as the 20GB HDD included with the Premium bundle, but the 20GB HDD can easily be purchased off ebay for ?30, so no huge cost there.5. 5 Free live arcade titles, whereas the Premium bundle has no included games.6. THIS ARCADE 360 COMES WITH HDMI OUTPUT, Premium bundle has standard Hd/av component.So if your unsure as to wether or not this is a good package, consider this for ?190 you get a much more effecient 360 with games, memory, and even HDMI, whereas for a ?250 premium bundle you only get 20gb hdd, overheating processor, and a headset.In my situation, i used to have a Premium bunde but sold it, so im now looking to buy an XBOX 360 again. I already have my headset and 20GB HDD from my old system, so for 190 quid im getting brand new xbox with hdmi and better processor, its such a good deal! The only people who complain about this deal point out the fact that it doesn't have backward compatibility with original xbox titles, FYI this is a next gen console, if you wanna play old naff xbox games, go buy a bloody xbox. But in actual fact you can download an update from Xbox live to enable backward compatibility with the Arcade Version, so there.This console is just as good as the more expensive console bundles, so if your not sure, ?190 Arcade vs ?250 Premium, this is a much better deal.Recommended Accessories:1. HDMI Cable (?10 Ebay).2. Wireless Adapter (?50 Brand New, although a standard ?5 ethernet cable works just as fine for IConnection to the Internet aka Xbox Live).3. 20Gb HDD (?25-?35 Ebay).4. Headset for online gaming (Only realistically necessary if you buy the above upgrades for online gaming, ?10 Ebay).Some of you might point out that if you were to buy all these upgrades, you would be spending just as much as if you bought a Premium bundle, which is true however you would then have a premium bundle BUT with HDMI output and a more effecient processor less prone to overheating, so it makes sense to buy this console wether or not you plan on buying the upgrades mentioned above.

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