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Health Monitoring

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By creating a passive monitoring network around a senior in their normal home setting, both family members and professional care-givers can log into a personalized Web page and get historical trend data, real-time status updates, and proactive alerts about the health and well-being for that monitored elder
The recommended starter kit for the IL service includes the Home HealthPoint, three motion detectors, and an emergency pendant. The motion detectors are strategically placed around the home during the professional installation in the bedroom, at the entrance to the primary bathroom, and in the main trafficked area such as a foyer or living room. Additional sensor devices such as additional motion detectors, access contacts on the refrigerator or doors, a smart pillbox, or IP cameras can be utilized to supplement the monitoring data sets being produced within the home.

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4HomeMedia is fueling the next stage of the broadband services revolution via their innovative home control services end-to-end software platform. Beginning with immersive home monitoring and media control, 4HomeMedia provides OEM networking hardware partners and broadband service providers a standards-based solution for monthly for-fee services for the digital home. Our partners can now enable their end-users to monitor and control devices and media in their home, using a mobile phone, TV, computer, or a touch-panel-- at home or remotely-- in a unified and captivating user-interface. Home control services are the next set of monthly services to be offered by major broadband service providers-- after voice, video, & data (aka, the triple-play)-- and consists of home monitoring, media & entertainment management, home health, and energy management.

This might become a hit... good.

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