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Window Shortcut Lets play with keyboard.

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Do you use the mouse for all commands and functions ? You should know better. Studies indicates that productivity decrease when you shift between the keyboard and the mouse to input data. So learn the shortcuts,familiarise yourself with your keyboard, increase productivity, and show all those guys their right place. While Windows comes with a lot of default shortcuts which simplify tasks like searching and opening windows applications.


Windows Shortcuts - Have you ever played arround with the windows key on your keyboard ? That's the small key between the Alt and Ctrl keys. If you haven't, you have lost out on valuable time doing things in a roundabout fashion. If someone comes suddenly behind you and you have some unwanted windows open, minimize all windows in one strokes by pressing window+M. You wouldn't get caught this way. There are lots of other windows shortcuts which could make use of to increase your productivity level and to avoid uncomfortable situations.


Some useful default windows key shortcuts -

Windows+m - can be used to Minimize all windows.

Windows+Shift+m -can be used to Undo all minimize windows.

Windows+e- can be used to Opens windows Explorer.

Windows+d- can be used to Switches between minimising all programs and showing them all.

Windows+f- can be used to Opens the find window.

Windows+r- can be used to Open run window.

Windows+Break/pause- can be used to open system properties.

windows+tab- can be used for cycles through items on task bar.


So enjoy windows shortcuts.

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