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What Is Filerights?

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FileRights is a collaborative program devised to prevent copyright content from being distributed on the BitTorrent network. This system was developed by the team behind the popular torrent site TorrentSpy, which hosts torrent files of pirated content. This system was launched in July 2007.

A database to which the original content developers can upload details of their movies, TV shows and songs will be hosted by the original content developers and BitTorrent website owners. FileRights then distributes these details to the participating BitTorrent sites so that copyrighted content can be removed from their search results. FileRights will use the file's digital signature or MD5 checksum known as hash values, to detect the content over their network.

Currently, the only way for original content developers to remove their content from a BitTorrent site is to issue the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) affidavits for each and every torrent file on the site. FileRights will take much less time to implement.

Drawback: Since the FileRights use hash values to detect content, even the smallest alteration to a file will make the file unique and untraceable by the FileRights database.

The developers of FileRights hope to rope in more original content developers and BitTorrent sites.

Learn more here http://imptestrm.com/rg-erdr.php?_dnm=www.filerights.com&_cfrg=1&_drid=as-drid-2300300503455222

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