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Domain Change Problems

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Hey. Today I decided to change my default domain to a subdomain; I kinda needed a personal website but I don't have the time to spend 5 hours waiting for the Uni.CC name servers to set up. Anyway, I collected a couple more hosting credits to that I had enough to change it, and changed my default domain to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. It changed my new domain to go to my public_html directory and I checked and the addon domains were still working.


I got annoyed at having so many folders in the public_html directory so I deleted all but the important folders. I then go to my addon domains section of cPanel and everything's empty and stuff. I don't mind this as I don't really use them, so I decide to try and make an email account for my new domain. I enter all of the information and it comes up with:


E-mail Account Created


The e-mail account mail@ minik.trap17.com with the login

Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed email accounts. and password PASS with a quota of unlimited megabytes was successfully created.

Sorry if you got lost and I've done something really wrong. :)



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Does your Cpanel now have this email set-up? or not?And is there a question in there somewhere? Do you need something fixed?

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It doesn't setup the emails so I would be happy if you could TOTALLY reset my cPanel account please. I'd like to start again and it's taking forever to delete everything manually. :)

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