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Gawab.com Review A really good email service provide

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These is a good email service which I would like to mention its Gawab.com,its been personally tried by me and has lot of features,you can have your own skins and a lot more here is a breif pointwise review of these email service provider.


This email service offers you:->
These are the account features:
1.storage options for webmail

2. Various Storage Options Web-Mail
3.POP/SMTP Support
4.High availability of user names
5.Password Protections & Reminders

These are the composing emailfeatures:

1.Spell Checker
2.Rich Text Format/HTML Support
3.Arabic Virtual Keyboard
4.Message Tracking/Email Signature
5.Unlimited Attachments
6.Reply to Features

These are features are related to spam protection and email recieving features:

1. Spam & Virus Protection
2.Automatic Spam Redirection
3.Email Filters/Email Blocking
4.YahooGroups.com Management
5.Auto-Responders/Vacation Replies

Others features include:
Usability & Customization Features

1. 15 Different Themes
2. 14 Different Languages
3.Worldwide time zones
4.Hijri/A.B Calendar
5.Email Sorting criteria
6.Choose Number of Emails per view

More & More & More & More ..

1.External POP Emails Collector
2. Hotmail Accounts Collector
3. Folder Management
4.Email Searching
5.Address Book

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:D it has 5,246,244 users... Worth to try eh...

yuppe, its great., i use gawab.com since 5 years oge.
but if your internet connection very slow speed such as dial up connection,
i dont refer to you to use its web mail.

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in comparison to other commonly available webmails, how do you rate this service?

if you compare with another web mail, i choose gmail is the best.
gawab take a time to load page. :o:D
but, gawab is great this time.,

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Gawab is the worst email service ever! I have been using it for years, because it offered pop/smtp accounts. Yet, it's months now that nothing works!

I go to gawab.Com, I want to log in to my account to clean my webmail from junk mail. I simply cannot access my email account! My password, according to their system is wrong!

But my thunderbird doesn't say so! In my pop client the password is accepted and recognized. In their webmail form,my password is not recognized.

Ok, I try to reset my password; 

now what? the answer to my question is wrong! As if I didn't know my answer! stupid! stupid stupid! Let alone the fact that three days ago, gawab, in the password retrieval form kept telling me that there's no security question for that account and that no alternate email account was registered! Stupid stupid stupid! Tonight, I can see my question, byt my asnwer is !wrong!... ! Stupid stupid stupid! But this is not all... Once you enter a random answer, it can show you that your answer is wrong, but for the very correct answer, it doesn't say anything at all, just that the same form pops up again; whilst no password reset email is being sent to my alternate email address...

is this all? no way!

I write to gawab to report this. I never, I mean, NEVER got an answer. Not even a "f*** off!".

pop email too is not working, no mails are being delivered to my pop client, currently thunderbird on linux and windows live mail on windows.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Gawab is the worst email service ever. It actually is not a service, it is a spying office. Your mailboxes are being used by their team members for whatever they want. They check your emails, they deny you access, they can rifle through your pictures, attachments and stuff and read your email. It is the worst, the very worst service ever. They offer you nothing at all. They say a lot but they offer nothing.

when they increased the mailbox size to 10 gb, I had only 10-15 emails on my mailbox, all in all I am talking about some 1.8 MB of space... Gawab was telling me that I was using 87% of my 10 GB! surely, I contacted them about this, and guess what? no answer at all!

-reply by zotrules

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 Did you contact their support ? The thing I like the most about Gawab is that they offer near premium support for free. I would advice that you try to login to webmail, then if it did not work you should get more meaningful reasons for failure. Unfortunately, most POP3 clients do not differentiate between different reasons. I had similar problem where my account was locked due to a spam report they were investigated. I was actually forwarding a message to all my contacts, and it seams that some of my contacts mistakenly clicked the spam report on their this email. I wasn't able to use outlook at all, no sending or receiving and I kept getting the password prompt, although the error was not that password is incorrect. I didn't try to login to webmail although I knew later that if I have done so, I would have known the reason and get instructions about contacting support. The support guy was very nice and he helped me and took the time to explain the details of the problem and their account review process. The account was restored after 12 hours and everything was working fine since then. I certainly recommend contacting their support.

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Where is their support at gawab, in the air???Gawab.com Review

Where is their support, in the air?!? Maybe if you live in Egypt to reply... They don't have any support there!I paid for a premium account at gawab.Com 3 weeks ago, they took my money but my account remained until now... free like before (Pending...)! The tickets I submitted to their so-called support remain without any answer... And the company that is intermediate between the vendor gawab and me (2co.Com) could not make nothing to refund me! Very unserious, not to tell now more bad things about this kind of... Service!... Its not a pleasure for me to make such kind of gifts!

-reply by alex

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I support this \mail since 10 yrs but i often hear complaints about its non consistant method of maintaining a e mail server and a bad upgrading technique. its fun inside but its a pain to log in every times . its a waste of time.

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