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Problem Solving With C++: Tutorial Planning Tutorial Planning

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My tutorial, assuming I stick with it will go like this:


NOTE: These tutorials are for educational purposes don't ask me how to create botting programs or anything of that sort.


Book I'm teaching from: Problem Solving With C++ by Jacqueline A. Jones and Keith Harrows.

Compiler used for assignments and programs will be dev-c++.


Tutorial 1: First C++ Program

a)Pseudo code for Program 1

b)Basic Concepts of a C++ Program

c)Declaration, Assignment, and Print Statements

d)The for loop

e)A Better version of Program 1

f)More details: comments,arithmetic operations, identifiers, for loops

-Summary and Exercises


Tutorial 2: Evaluating an Expression

a)Pseudo code for Program 2

b)Writing Program 2: the if statement

c)Enrichment:creating readable output

d)Relational operators,compound assignment operators

e)Data types float, double, char

f)Enrichment: debugging

-Summary and Exercises


Tutorial 3: Reading a set of data

a)Pseudo code for Program 3

b)reading data from cin

c)The while loop

d)Writing Program 3

e)Enrichment: Improving the input/output, Prompts and printing

f)The if-else statement

g)File I/O

-Summary and Exercises


Tutorial 4:Summation, Stepwise Refinement, and Nested Loops

a)Pseudo code for program 4

b)Program 4 (first version)

c)Enrichment: Other versions of program 4--declaring a loop

index, Defining a constant, and reading data

d)Enrichment: using a nested loop

-Summary and Exercises


Tutorial 5: Functions

a)Function subprograms

b)Programmer defined functions

c)Program 5; Location of functions

d)void and parameterless functions

e)Reference parameters

-Summary and Exercises


Tutorial 6: More on control structures

Tutorial 7: Arrays

Tutorial 8: Strings

Tutorial 9: Mix and Match

Tutorial 10: Simple classes


-Tuts 6-10 will be more detailed if 1-5 works out.

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