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Colors/styles For Text? How do we change colors?

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How do i change colors or styles of text in c++?

like for colors eg. :

hello world

for styles:

Hello World

Such a thing is not really possible. Really, things like style and color are part of the output, and if you are using something like cout (in iostream) it is only sending a string to Standard Out.


Even with something such as printf (this is, of course, a Java function, but there is something similar in C++), the output text is simply formatted into a different string. Attributes such as color and style are a part of the OS or the environment that you are running in. If you are writing this code in Visual C or something, it may be possible. This topic is covered a little here:




If you would like a Visual C tutorial for this, I believe that this will work:




Hope this helps!

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For normal C, use header file GRAPHICS.H for advanced graphics support for your programs in C.There are many built in functions to set the style of text and other output objets.Read the document of GRAPHICS.H for its every functions and its uses.

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how do i change size & color of textColors/styles For Text?

Please tell me how I can change the colour & size of text  and the colour of backround

in C Language.

-question by Yogesh Garg

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