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Smf And Coppermine something went worng so ive posted it again

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Right im getting annoyed now! (at Smf And Coppermine thingy)1. Is there a way i can take the little icons that say "mysql" "phpmyadmin" powered by smf/coppermine etc 2. i want to personalize SMF to the teeth but the tutorial on smf's forum doesn't explain it that well i just want my navigation bar on the top i've got a plugin called GLOBAL HEADERS AND FOOTERS but it puts them just under the Welcome "blah" bit and i don't want it there ive gone through the files and every time i change it it'll change back :D :D REALLY ANNOYINGis there a way to completely wrap coppermine in smf, actually if you look at coppermines site look at the forum and look at the gallery demo... THATS how i want it! :):D I really would appreciate any help!karlosantana

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Nothing went wrong. Certain (very few) Topics need Moderator Approval to turn them Visible. This is noted in the Sub-Forum information of those Sub-Forums affected by this requirement. Some Forums are this way to avoid Spammers from Posting there.

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Second Step: Installing and Integrating Coppermine into SMFDo not install Coppermine from Fantastico, or it will create it's own MySQL DataBase! And this integration requires Both Coppermine And SMF to share the same DB[/i]

:) pants! (which is an alternative to various obscene words i could've used:D) thanks for that by the way jlhaslip and also why the long name is it initials or something? also HOW DID YOU FIND THAT? i raked through google and couldn't find anything

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that wasnt meant to be a nasty comment honest jlhaslip! i wounder if you could help me a bit more actually!

SMF doesnt let you put your own nav bar right at the top like here thats IDEAL!!! ive just been getting more and more fustrated and to top that i accidentally un-installed it and am now installing it again! :) any ideas would be great and i have googled it honest! (i am a novice when it comes to php or my sql)

I dont know about the 2 or the mysql stuff, but i do know for a fact you need to pay to get rid of the smf/coppermine thingy

no you dont have to! its actually in the code! and they don't mind you taking it off, well, smf dont anyway, havent asked coppermine, but will do!karlosantana

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I don't recall exactly, but I think I simply asked for a google search on "smf coppermine" or something like that.

I am not familiar with either smf or coppermine, so anything I could assist you with I would find on Google. Does SMF have a Themers area in their Support Forum? Might be a better place to look for help. Unless someone else here is familiar, I guess.

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Ok so i dissagree with daniel15 of smf I like handing people answers on silver plates if i can

So listen up


Step 1.

Put Both Coppermine and smf in the same MySQL database (DO NOT USE FANTASTICO use the webintstall that comes built into Coppermine and smf!)

In my case I put SMF into Forum_ prefix and Coppermine into Gallery_ prefix


Step 2.

Bridge the two (using Coppermine bridge manager)



Step 3.

Create a file called Coppermine.php (yes the capital "C" makes a difference!) save it in "sources" directory in SMF' intallation folder containing :-



<?phpif (!defined('SMF'))	die('Hacking attempt...');function Coppermine(){	global $context, $mbname, $txt;	//Load the main msn template	loadtemplate('Coppermine');	//Load the main msn template	$context['sub_template']  = 'main';}?>
Step 4.

Create a file called Coppermine.template.php In your theme (the one your using or want) im using default which makes it easier! It needs to contain

<?php function template_main(){	global $db_prefix, $scripturl, $txt, $user_info,$settings, $modSettings; echo ' <center><iframe width="900" height="800" src="LINK"}?>
Step 5.

In your index.template.php file add this where you want your gallery to appear

// The Coppermine Gallery	echo ($current_action == 'Coppermine' || $context['browser']['is_ie4']) ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $first . '"> </td>' : '' , '				<td valign="top" class="maintab_' , $current_action == 'Coppermine' ? 'active_back' : 'back' , '">					<a href="', $scripturl, '?action=Coppermine">Gallery</a>				</td>' , $current_action == 'Coppermine' ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $last . '"> </td>' : '';
Step 6.

In the index.php root look for this

'coppa' => array('Register.php', 'CoppaForm'),

After that add (on the next line)

'Coppermine' => array('Coppermine.php', 'Coppermine'),
That it all that i did and it worked

What did go wrong though


Well in step 6 if you look at this bit

Coppermine' => array...

people often change the capital "C" to a lower case it sometimes works but in my case it didn't!


Fatal error: smf_main() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/homepages/xx/xxxxxx/htdocs/scjb-test/Sources/Coppermine.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /homepages/xx/xxxxxx/htdocs/scjb-test/index.php on line 355

In the Coppermine.php file make sure there is no spaces in the file name!

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