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Guild Wars: Eyes Of The North Game Review

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Expansion packs are usually double-edged swords for massive multiplayer online gamers. Most of the time, they give access to only those who've been playing till they hit the final level. Great for them, not so great for the newer players.

Guild Wars: Eyes of the North is that sort of expansion pack. Aimed squarely at those who have hit the level cap of 20, it introduces over 150 new skills spread over more than six classes, of which 100 are geared for high-level player versus player combat only.

In its storyline, the game introduces new races the Norn and Asuran, who team up with you to stop an invasion from enemies known only as The Destroyers. While cliched, there are star moments of storytelling here.

In the map of Oola's Lab, for instance, puzzles are set along the path for players to solve as they advance, while other maps present other problems such as a shielded golem, a hulking magical robot, whose glowing aura you must stay within while fighting.

It's clear that you need real player help though. While the game introduces some 10 new heroes such as the necromancer Livea, the near brain-dead AI that has plagued these helpers is still unfixed.

As a final note, this game requires that you own one of the previous three released titles - the original, or its two expansion packs Nightfall or Factions. So only those already into Guild Wars may find the meat in here worth chewing on.

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It sounds like you copied that :D Not accusing you or anything though!I was kinda dissappointed they've not added any new classes though. It doesn't seem like they've added much new stuff, other than areas/spells.Oh well, I might give it a play, if I ever finish Guild Wars Prophecies, and then buy the other 2 :)

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