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Installing Compiz Fusion Onto Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (ati Graphics Card)

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In this tutorial I will show you how to install Compiz Fusion onto Ubuntu Linux version 7.10 with an ATI Graphics card.


Ubuntu Linux 7.10

You use an ATI Graphics Card

To start off, all these scripts should be ran in terminal. Terminal is accessed by clicking on:




We will be putting the prefix of sudo on before the codes. This makes it run as an administrator, as Ubuntu doesn't allow direct access to the accounts.

First of all if you haven't already, enable the restricted driver for the ATI Graphics card by going to:



Restricted Drivers Manager

This may require a restart.


Next type this into terminal, if you are unsure how to access terminal, look above.


sudo apt-get install  compizconfig-settings-manager
Say "y" if asked and type the password you use to access your account when asked.


Next type this in:

sudo apt-get install  emerald

After that type this in:

sudo apt-get install gnome-compiz-manager

That is all you have to do in terminal.


After you have completed the above steps go to:



Visual Effects Tab

Click custom

click ok to the popup

To customise the vast range of effects go to:



Advanced Desktop Effect Settings

Thanks for reading my tutorial and if you require any help, please post below.

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grafic card problem on linux suse 9.1Installing Compiz Fusion Onto Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (ati Graphics Card)

I have installed on testing PC (512RAM 1100MHz Nvidia grafic card)   linux suse 9.1, after booting  apear black screen and monitor ask frequency:  '' Hz? ''  how to resolve this problem? 

-reply by wolful

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