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Does Anyone Know How To Change Adsense Code Sript?

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You can customize the Adsense Script by changing the colors of the text and link in the AdSense ad from your AdSense Account. Follow the following steps to customize the ads to match with your site's contents.

Step 1 : Login to Google AdSense
Step 2 : Click on "AdSense Setup" tab and then select "Color Palettes" from the sub-menu.
Step 3 : Here you can change the Border Color, Ad Title Color, Background Color, Text Color, URL Link Color for your ad. Make sure that the colors you specify here match with the colors that you've used in your site.
Step 4 : To blend the ads with the rest of the content change the background color to the background color of the content in your site.
Step 5 : Once you've made the required changes to the coor paletes, then select "Save as new palette" and enter a name for your palette and clik save.
Step 6 : To use the pallete, click on "Get Ads" from the menu.
Step 7 : Select the appropiate Ad Type you need.
Step 8: Here I choose "AdSense for Content".
Step 9 : Choose the right Adformat that will match with your site's content. You can select the required adformat from the menu. Preview all the available Adformats here.
Step 10 : After you make the necessary changes to suit your need, click on Continue.
Step 11 : In the next page, undet the Colors option you can choose the color palette you've created before from the dropdown menu.
Step 12 : Get the code and place it in your site.

you can follow the above steps and create as many as color palattes you want for your site.

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