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An Online Bitmap To Vector Tool.

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I just tested it few time it's funny enough to convert your uploaded bitmap to vector format and the output file formats support .png, .svg and .eps.

You just upload a file and then this little flash application will convert your files to vector data.

1.) On the top of the interface you can upload image formats including gif, png or jpg. And then you just answer few simple question to get the job done.

2.) What type of Image is this ?
This step allow you to choose a match image style with your picture.
Whether you image is a photo centric or be it is a antialiased or non-antialiased data.


3.) How degraded is your original ?
Has your image been damaged or degraded by earlier compression?

4.) Does your original image employ a limited color palette?
For the most logo should be few color but some photo be more color.


5.) If so, which palette is best suited to the result you require?
Finally, the application let you to add or remove color palette before processing begins.


It's a funny application and help user re-create their logo with editable format.

URL : http://vectormagic.com/home

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This is wonderful! But the flash takes a while to load on dial-up connection. Quality tools like this are even scarce offline, but the geniuses at Stanford made it online!So those raster images in Wikipedia / Wikimedia can get a hand...

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Here is a sample of an image I originally obtained as a screen print from a pdf, which was quite pixelated and the tool cleaned it up considerably.
Use the zoom feature to really notice the difference. And the newer version is actually slightly smaller in size, too, when saved as a png format, the same format it was originally saved at as a screen shot.
I'm bookmarking this site, for sure.

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