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Spikey Frag Grenade Halo 3

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Ever wonder what would happen in Halo 3 when a Spike Grenade hit a Frag Grenade? For those of you who have never played Halo 3 the Spike Grenade is a sort of grenade that sticks to things makes sort of like a clamping into flesh sound when it hist something sticks there then after like a second explodes sending shratinal every where. ( Hope Spelled Right ) Shratinal little pieces of sharp metal that can cause damage on impact. Frag grenade is a grenda that once hit on the ground explodes a half a second latter. ( Is what was said in Halo 2 I am just assuming ) So here is how it went down one player threw a Frage the other a Spike Grenade they stuck together and one player got killed. Very funny no staged, real game, and is real. I think same can happen with a sticky too. It is funny and you have to see it.


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