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Data Structures -- Expression Trees

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Construct an expression tree for the expression (a || :rolleyes: && (c || d)


After constructing the tree convert the tree to correspond to the associative property of the given expression.


Eg: (1 + 2) * ( 3 + 4) = (1 * 3) + (1 * 4) + (2 * 3) + (2 * 4)


Similar to that, from the constructed expression tree, construct a new expression tree such that inorder traversal of the new tree will be associative value of the given expression


Inorder traversal of the new tree should be (a && c) || (a && d) || (b && c) || (b && d)


Write a generic algorithm to convert the first tree to the second tree..


What is an Expression Tree??

Visit links below.




Tree Traversals

Visit the below links for knowing more about tree traversals.



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