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i am designing a site for my alliance for the game Dark Throne. and i want some content to be availabe to members of the alliance only, and other content to be available to people with a certain rank within the alliance.i know this should be somewhat simple, but i am not that sure how to do it. my idea for the website is just have basic info about the alliance available to everyone, then news about the alliance and member lists and other things like that available to every alliance member, then things such as the strike team, diplomat team, and special areas like that, only available to certain people. now this all ties into the forum, which is going to be IPB or SMF, which is where the ranks will be gotten from. but i want the login system to be tied into the forum login system, so if your logged into the site, your logged into the forum as well. and then the system needs to also get the ranks and that opens different areas of the website according to their rank.i dont need someone to write the code for me, eventhough it might come to that at points, i just want someone to guide me because in the design team i am the only one that really knows any web design, and PHP defiantely isnt my strong point, eventhough i tried to learn it once, i am still trying.so if you can help, that would be great. just tell me how to contact you.

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