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File Transfer From Angelfire To Trap17? P.S. I use my Wii.

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As for installing IPB on your account, you must purchase the license. Illegal copies are not allowed on the Xisto Hosting Accounts and the Install package checks serial numbers and stuff, so do not attempt to install IPB unless it is a legal copy.

Your account includes fantastico, which is an automated script installer. You can use that to install the available scripts, and phpbb2 is available through the fantastico program, but it will not be a copy of phpbb3, unless it has changed lately.

In general terms, you need to create a MySql database on your account through the Mysql Manager in the Cpanel, create a User for that databse, upload the files to the correct folder (public_html or public_html/forum), modify the config file to include the MySql information, the script location, etc, and then migrate to the install.php file using your Browser.

Those are general guidelines for installing, so don't use them exactly as written. Each package is different and these general guidelines are generic by nature. Once you have decided which software you actually want, check the Tutorial section because chances are there will be some instructions available there.

As an aside, have you seen the AEF Demo Forum set up at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ???

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