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Richard Choi's Modular Computer New concept of computers

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Yes you heared it correct (or to be precise you read it correct) modular computer by designer. Well you probably ask yourself now what the hack is modular computer and by designer. Well it is normal computer made out of parts so you will not have one tower but you will have very different sections.More... So what is it all about. The story goes like this. Have you heared some several months back people started to talk about internet over electric lines. Well if you haven't know this then ask mister Google hill probably find something on this topic. So how is internet over electric lines connected to the modular computer. Well simply you have for each device in your computer one part that is module. For each single device processor network cards dvd-roms and so on. And you plug every of these moduls into electric network. So they start communicating over Wi-Fi and eventually you've got yourself computer. In case you'd like to change something then you just go and plug in new module meanwhile taking the old one. Minimalistic yet very simple and effective design. However as each and every story has its downfalls this one has it also. No one is saying anything more about this project so I just hope it will not stay on the design table but that someone will actually start working on it, as this might be future. Also I'd like to point out that communication over electric lines is approximated ar 200Mbps while part or modules would communicated among themselves with speed of 50Mbps approximate. I sincerely hope that we will see something like this in near future.

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