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Welcome to Healthy Cooking I would like to thank all who have been adding to the richness of this group with your contributions. It is fun the way we work together sharing recipes, tips and the cultural reason behind the recipe. I know it has been a learning experience for me and I hear it is for others too. What I learnt a long time ago is that there are at least as many ways to produce any recipe as there are people. There is no right or wrong way but we can enjoy learning each otherĂ¢s ways. And then go and do it the way that pleases us. I love Healthy Cooking because I have seen a great difference in the health and vitality of those around me who eat whole foods. Eating good table food is important, as the body will use the nutrition to regenerate our bodies rather then causing it to degenerate with the excessive use of substances like refined sugar, chemically bleached white flour, food additives, chemicals, etc. do. I invite you to try some new recipes, learn about new foods and share your recipes and tips in this multicultural arena of creative cooking. And best of all make friends with international cooks!

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