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Snews: The Developer's Cms Its the best CMS (my opinion), why?

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I've used Joomla, Mambo, wordpress and text pattern but non work for me. My need is just a simple tool where I can login and publish an article. Those CMS didn't work the way I wanted to.

Then I found this really interesting CMS, sNews . It only contains 4 files (index.php, snews.php, style.css and .htaccess). Very surpirising. It can manage a whole website with just those files.

What are the advantages?
1. You can easily apply your own template on the site, or even port existing templates. (For my Xisto site, I ported a wordpress theme. And I only have knowledge with html and CSS..and very little PHP knowledge)
2. It complies with the latest web standards.
3. It creates search engine friendly URL's.
4. A very active support forum.
5. You don't have to worry about terms you normally encounter with CMS's.
6. Database-driven for fast page loading.
7. You can use full CMS layouts.

Disadvantages? (Of course, there are. Nothing's perfect.)
1. Manual installation. (You have to access PHPmyAdmin and manually setup the SQL query.)
2. Requires mod_rewrite. (This is a problem if you are on a free webhosting plan as most free hosts has it disabled. Not a problem with us Xisto users.
3. You should at least, know something about html/css and few PHP.

How does it work? hmm. I still don't understand how. (I'm a chemist not a programmer. LoL). As you can see, there is no "login.php" file, search.php or the files that we normally encounter with other CMS but when you click on the "login" link, the engine/processor file (snews.php), will automatically create the page and send it to you. I'm still amaze by this CMS.

You can try it too. Hehehe.

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