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High School Musical: Makin' The Cut

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Genre: Music (couldn't find a music genre, so I thought simulation seemed like the next most appropriate)

Platform: Nintendo DS


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Continuing from where the first High School Musical movie ended, this game tells of how Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and four of their friends from Albuquerque Eash High School advance from the local music scene to the national stage.


If you have played Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan or its English sequel Elite Beat Agents, you will feel at home with this game. The basic game mechanics are similar. You tap on circles on the touch screen as they turn green in a clockwise pattern. The circles appear to the beat of the song, which you must tap to. So having a good ear and rhythm is a must.


There are a few different modes. In the dance mode, you occasionally have to drag a basketball into the net or trace patterns in a notebook. The music mode has you switching instruments to change how your music sounds. If you know all your High School Musical songs, tapping to the beat would be lots of fun.


Shooting hoops in the dance mode, however, is poorly implemented. The game counted only one of my attempts out of hundreds, in the 28 dance stags available. I'm still at a loss about how they calculate it.


There is a also a video studio mode for you to play director - change camera angles, release fireworks and shine spollight on your stars as they bop along to the music.


Accompanying to this fiesta are all the songs from the first movie - catchy tunes such as We're All in this Together and Breaking Free. A few songs from the second movie, such as 'What Time Is It?' which showed on Disney Channel last week, round up the selection.


If you have caught High School Musical 2 and are still hyped up about the series, this game is a great buy that would provide hours of music-tapping fun.

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Another Disney movie game is out. This is just like the other ds game they made for thats so raven were she dances or does some kind of fashion stuff. Also they have a game for that country singer were it is all about singing. I really think no one buys these games even thou they addicted to the movie this game looks boring in my opinion.

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Actually people do buy these games, or they wouldn't make them :P You may think it's boring because it's not the sort of genre you like. Personally, I like dance and music, so I find it pretty interesting.

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