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How To Install Php Scripts for people who dont like uploading all the time

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OK. Here's what you need:


1. Web hosting that has FTP


2. A script or something to install


3. A program called SmartFTP


I'll use my site for an example...


1. Enter your FTP login info

Posted Image


2. When you login in your files, images, and stuff will show up.


3. Now that you're logged in you have to choose what file you want to import into your website. Go to "My Documents" and right click on the file you want to put on your site and select "copy".

Posted Image


4. Next you got to open put the dictionary that your website is in. Ok what that means the place where the "index.html" or something like that is your homepage. (Sometimes the dictionary is called "htdocs")


5. Open that dictionary up and create a new dictionary. If you're gonna install a forum I suggest making the dictionary named "forums" or something. So when you're done install it and stuff you can just go to "http://ww38.yoursite.com/forums;


Posted Image


6. Open that up and then right click and select "paste". (you should have copied the things you wanted to import onto your website)


Depending on that size, it will take some time to put them onto your site. But hey, it's easier then hand installing them right?


When it's done installing it, it should be on your site so you can enter your data base info and stuff.

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