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T_string Error Please Assist

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I have unexpected t_strings in 3 lines they are

<?php// $Header$//this script may only be included - so its better to die if called directly.if (strpos($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"],basename(__FILE__)) !== false) {  header("location: index.php");  exit;}/*A basic library to handle a cache of some Tiki Objects,usage is simple and feel free to improve it*/class Cachelib {  var $folder;  function Cachelib() {		global $tikidomain;		$this->folder = "temp/cache";		if ($tikidomain) { 			$this->folder.= "/$tikidomain"; 		}	if(!is_dir($this->folder)) {		  mkdir($this->folder);			@chmod($this->folder,"0777");	}  }	  function cacheItem($key,$data) {		$key = md5($key);		$fw = fopen(($this->folder)."/".$key,"w"); 		fwrite($fw,$data);		fclose($fw);		return true;  }	  function isCached($key) {		$key = md5($key);		return is_file($this->folder."/$key");  }	  function getCached($key) {		$key = md5($key);	if ( filesize($this->folder."/$key") == 0 ) { 				return serialize(false);		} 		$fw = fopen($this->folder."/$key","w");		$data = fread($fw,filesize($this->folder."/$key"));		fclose($fw);		return $data;}	  /** gets the timestamp of item insertion in cache,   *  returns false if key doesn't exist   */  function getCachedDate($key) {	  $key = md5($key);	  if( is_file($this->folder."/$key") ) {		  return filemtime($this->folder."/$key");	  } else return false;  }		  function invalidate($key) {		$key = md5($key);		@unlink($this->folder."/$key");  }}$cachelib = new Cachelib();?>

The ones with the 000--numbers are the ones I need fixed

Please tell me what to do to fix this
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It would help if you put the line numbers of the errors. PHP usually outputs a line number in the error message. But as far as I can see you have an extra "(".

function cacheItem($key,$data) { $key = md5($key);
00033 (($fw) = fopen(($this->folder."/$key","w"));
00034 fwrite($fw,$data);
00035 fclose($fw);
return true;

on the third line down it should look like this:

$fw = fopen($this->folder."/$key","w");

I don't really know what all that 00033 is about... line numbers? your code is confusing :P But I hope that helped... if not post back and try to explain it some more. Maybe copy and paste the error message and the code.

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You scripted that function kinda weird :/ Why not a complete rewrite ??lets say:function cacheItem($key,$data) {$key = md5($key);$fw = fopen($this->folder.$key, "w");fwrite($fw, $data);fclose($fw);return true;}

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