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My Shoutbox Is Not Refreshing Automatically.

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Hi I need help with my page :XD:
I have shoutbox at my site but there is problem then that shoutbox is not refreshing automatic. I want to script this with ajax autorefresh.. Can anybody help me? I want a autorefreshing shoutbox only, not full page !!
Please i really need it and if you help me I will be very greatfull.
There is my shoutbox script:

<?phpif (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { header("Location:../../index.php"); exit; }openside($locale['120']);if (isset($_POST['post_shout'])) {	if (iMEMBER) {		$shout_name = $userdata['user_id'];	} elseif ($settings['guestposts'] == "1") {		$shout_name = trim(stripinput($_POST['shout_name']));		$shout_name = preg_replace("(^[0-9]*)", "", $shout_name);		if (isNum($shout_name)) $shout_name="";	}	$shout_message = str_replace("\n", " ", $_POST['shout_message']);	$shout_message = preg_replace("/^(.{255}).*$/", "$1", $shout_message);	$shout_message = preg_replace("/([^\s]{25})/", "$1\n", $shout_message);	$shout_message = trim(stripinput(censorwords($shout_message)));	$shout_message = str_replace("\n", "<br>", $shout_message);		if ($_POST['validation'] != "" && $_POST['validation'] == $_POST['validation_answer'])	{	if ($shout_name != "" && $shout_message != "") {		if (dbcount("(*)", "shoutbox", "shout_message='$shout_message' AND shout_datestamp+84600>".time())) {			header("Location: ".FUSION_SELF.(FUSION_QUERY ? "?".FUSION_QUERY : ""));		} else {			$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".$db_prefix."shoutbox VALUES('', '$shout_name', '$shout_message', '".time()."', '".USER_IP."')");		}	}	header("Location: ".FUSION_SELF.(FUSION_QUERY ? "?".FUSION_QUERY : ""));	}	else {		echo "<div style='text-align:center'>You must answer the maths question correctly for your shoutbox entry to be added. This is to prevent bots from spamming the shoutbox. We apologise for the inconvenience.<br /><br /></div>";	}}// Calculate random equation and answer$var1 = rand(1,5);$var2 = rand(1,5);$equation = $var1 . " + " . $var2 . " =";$validation_answer = $var1 + $var2;if (iMEMBER || $settings['guestposts'] == "1") {	echo "<form name='chatform' method='post' action='".FUSION_SELF.(FUSION_QUERY ? "?".FUSION_QUERY : "")."'><table align='center' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><tr><td colspan='2'>\n";	if (iGUEST) {		echo $locale['121']."<br><input type='text' name='shout_name' value='".$userdata['user_name']."' class='textbox' maxlength='32' style='width:140px;'><br>".$locale['122']."<br>\n";	}	echo "<textarea name='shout_message' rows='4' class='textbox' style='width:140px;'></textarea></td></tr><tr><td align='right' class='tbl'>".$equation."</td><td class='tbl'><input type='text' name='validation' value='' class='textbox' style='width:50px'><input type='hidden' name='validation_answer' value='$validation_answer' class='textbox' style='width:50px'></td></tr><td><input type='submit' name='post_shout' value='".$locale['123']."' class='button'></td><td align='right' class='small'><a href='".INFUSIONS."shoutbox_panel/shoutboxhelp.php'>".$locale['124']."</a></td></tr></table></form><br>\n";} else {	echo "<center>".$locale['125']."</center><br>\n";}$result = dbquery("SELECT count(shout_id) FROM ".$db_prefix."shoutbox");$numrows = dbresult($result, 0);$result = dbquery(	"SELECT * FROM ".$db_prefix."shoutbox LEFT JOIN ".$db_prefix."users	ON ".$db_prefix."shoutbox.shout_name=".$db_prefix."users.user_id	ORDER BY shout_datestamp DESC LIMIT 0,".$settings['numofshouts']);if (dbrows($result) != 0) {	$i = 0;	while ($data = dbarray($result)) {		echo "<span class='shoutboxname'>";		if ($data['user_name']) {			echo "<a href='".BASEDIR."profile.php?lookup=".$data['shout_name']."' class='side'>".$data['user_name']."</a>\n";		} else {			echo "".$data['shout_name']."\n";		}		echo "</span><br><span class='shoutboxdate'>".showdate("shortdate", $data['shout_datestamp'])."</span><br><span class='shoutbox'>".parsesmileys($data['shout_message'])."</span><br>\n";		if ($i != $numrows) echo "<br>\n";	}	if ($numrows > $settings['numofshouts']) {		echo "<center>\n<img src='".THEME."images/bullet.gif'><a href='".INFUSIONS."shoutbox_panel/shoutbox_archive.php' class='side'>".$locale['126']."</a> <img src='".THEME."images/bulletb.gif'></center>\n";	}} else {	echo "<div align='left'>".$locale['127']."</div>\n";}closeside();?>

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