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My Sauble Beach Experience!

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Wow, A couple of weekends ago I went to sauble beach. Let me fill you in with some general facts before I tell you my story...

I am going into Grade 12B... which is second year grade 12.
Alot of people went to Sauble Beach on this particular weekend from my highschool. (All same camp ground)
Most of these people were light friends of mine.
Two good buddies of mine had a campsite there aswell, friday and saturday night.
Me and my girlfriend went up on the saturday night.

Now to the story. It was absolutely crazy! We showed up around dinner time Saturday, and the campground had quite a few kids. This particular campground is for parties, their website specifically says you can play your music as loud as you want and all night long. Me and my girlfriend showed up to the desk, got a campsite... The exact words from the owners of the campsite were "What the hell do you want?" - lol. Anyway, we got a site beside my good buddy and set up the tent and stuff. Everybody in the campgrounds were kids... 16-24 years old and people were walking around every which way... music coming from every direction... beer flowing... ect. I was in heaven.

You might be askign why I mentioned our neighbors across the road, as they seem insignificant. Well heres a little R-rated story for you ive hidden, read at own discretion.

When I got to the site and setup, my buddy was telling me that one of the guys had a girl come up to him, and give him head right infront of the campfire. People ended up circling around there campsite and watching. This doesn;t phase me, but when I heard it I thought it was definately the sickest campground ever... and by sickest, I dont mean gross... i mean awesome.

People would walk by talk to you, ask you where your from, offer you a beer and head on. I had 18 with me so I was good for the night. So we got bored, and head over to the neighbors campsite across the road to introduce ourselfs, there was three guys - seemed cool no problem. Then more people came and we just shot the breeze and relaxed. It started getting dark and a party was forming at the campsite beside us. Must've been 150 people, it was crazy. Completely loved it and had a good night. Biggest party ever, not too many older people, a few 40yr olds that stayed off in there little section nd dropped by when the party started. No fist fights, two little scuffles, it was relaxed and calm and just chills.

Well, its labour day weekend this weekend. I am not sure if the states has labour day weekend, but Canadians get the monday off for a long weekend. Last weekend before all the kids go back to school. Me and my good buddy, along with two other buddies and my girlfriend have decided to go up for the friday/Saturday night again. Were not sure if there are going to be other kids going to the camp grounds we are, but there website has an advertisement for labour day party weekend for kids. This should be fun! Website below.


Anyway point of story... I'm heading up tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll bring back some stories for you. As for what were bringing... this might remind some of the older crowds of the good ol days...

Packing list...
2 sleeping backs...
1 tent...
couple burger/shotdogs/tinned cans (cook on fire)
1 cooler with ice
and most importantly...

2 2-4's of cold beer.
(and maybe some liquor for the girl)

So should be a crazy weekend, ive been physced for past two weeks... and Ill bring back some crazy drinking stories. See you all in a couple days.

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Sounds like you are heading for a wild and crazy weekend.Be careful out there... don't drive after consuming alcohol... Have fun...(sounds like Grand Bend in my days) :XD:

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I know kids will be kids and everything, Lord knows I've been to some parties in my time, but I really don't think the mature members need to be encouraging this type of behavior... I mean he's basically going to a drunken orgy, more or less, in the woods for crying out loud. I hope, in short order, he matures enough to seek his weekend entertainment elsewhere or at least brings his lady to a more respectable setting to camp at.

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Regardless of what water monkey said... it was a good two day binge, and definately rougin it at that. First night, there was just the three of us and we forgot utensils/plates ect. We ended up flipping hamburgers with an axe I cleaned with water, then serving them on a fresbie. Good times, lots of beer, no fights, fireworks, music, and just a little bit of trouble. Crazy weekend

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