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Brutal Warfare

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Brutal Warfare are recruiting Battlefield 2142 gaming members. We do have standards, you will be trialed before joining. If you pass then you may join the clan. We need UK members mostly, but if you can make british timing then you can still join.

Mission statement:

Brutal Warfare is a gaming clan. Our duty is to fight on the battlefield and bring glory back to base. Using our brains for tactics and our skills for fighting. We are never out gunned. Only out numbered. We respect everyone and expect the same respect back. On the battlefield we work together as a team. Never alone, we fight as one.

We do have a teampseak server for those who have mics to use.

We do have a server. When you join server details will be given.

We do not supply training for the moment, but on a late date we will. For now practise is the best training we can provide. But we do have clan practises.

If you would like to contact any of us, please add me Forbez on to xfire.
Xfire username: forbez

We are currently entering the Clan Base 8v8 Conquest and 8v8 Infantry. Each person in each team was picked because of their own personal skill.

Other games?
For now we are not a Multi-gaming clan. As soona s we do well in TWL we will proably move onto other games. But for now we are a BF2142 only clan.

We always accept clan challenges. If you would like to go against us with any sized team we will take you on. Please go on our webstie or add me on my Xfire to challenge us.

If you are intrested in joining please contact me.
Xfire: forbez
Email: forbez223@hotmail.co.uk
Website: Brutal Warfare :: Gaming clan

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