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Thinking Of Designing A New High Energy Sport. New type of sport.

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Hi I was at a bar about a month ago and this has been nagging me for a while now. A lot of games seem boring or rather lack the energy some people like. Hockey is ok but has low stores,and sometimes the action goes back and forth like a tennis match. Soccer is a high energy game and very interesting. Football is very popular. Anyways I am thinking of a new sport that consists of many things that may gain the interest of sports fans. The base idea stays very close to soccer but with a lot of differences. Now there will be a soccer type ball as apposed to a football or rugby ball as the main way of moving the ball will be by the foot as in regular soccer. Now this is where it is way different, You can use your hands to catch the ball, you can use your foot to pick up the ball with your hands as in tipping it up from your foot to your hands. You can travel a few steps with the ball in your hands, anywhere from say 3 to 5 steps. Now during this carry you can kick the ball like in football. You can catch a incoming ball with your hands and either kick it back or drop it to your foot. Also again with the 3 to 5 step carry a player can lob the ball with his hands. Now this brings into affect a lot of skills and game play that is not available in other games. Now I would like to stay away from American football line but this might be a feature of a dead play that would hopefully rarely be used. Now as for score there may be a few options but I like the basketball type approach where say there is a net with a goal keeper and that may be worth say three points per goal. Another aspect would be an extension of the goal which I am currently thinking of a American football type field goal think but it would only be worth one point. This brings into play weather a player want to go in for the three pointer or try a field goal for one point. This will result in a high energy high score game with a lot of strategy/ Also player changing should be similar to hockey with a specific side line area where players can come in and out of the game. With the set up of the high energy aspect of this game a player would not last for the hole game. Also body contact should be limited in a way to limit injuries as players. Now one important aspect of the this game is that the end result should be a high energy game with very high scores per game. Things should be constantly moving with players putting out 100% and lastly fun to watch. "Don't blink you might actually miss something. Anyways anyone have any ideas for this.

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