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똥고머리 [korean Hair-bun] Tutorial

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I found this video very interesting and practical, teaching how to make traditional Korean Hair bun.

1: Grab your hair and put it in a ponytail high on your head. Don`t tie it! Just put your elastic on your right hand.
2: Start twisting your hair into a bun.
3: Are you twisting it good? ^^ It should look like those cinnamon roll,lol.
4: After, make it in a circle shape keeping the twist in place.
5: Tie it with your elastic that you have on.
6: Tie it around twice, and make it loose. Fix it to fit your satisfaction. ^^
7: On both sides, pull out some hair (not a lot) so it looks natural.

If your hair twist/bun is loose, use bobby pins to hold it.

Video Link: 똥고머리 [Korean Hair-bun] Tutorial

Notice from Kubi:
Copied from link provided, Warning issued.

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Wow it looks simple, but I bet it needs loads of practice. Especially at the part where you loosen your hair from the bun. I bet I'd make it go out of shape or pull everything out. lol Thanks for sharing the tutorial! It's a cute hairstyle.

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