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Grabt Access To My Protected Files grabt access to my protected files

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Hi all,
I am sure all of you are great programers but First i am no code programmer i am just trying to learn to run my sites, will the problem is i got a code from the web to protect my files ,1st i want to know how to work it out then i will try other things but can't let it go without a fight thanx all


<?php if ( ! defined( 'myname' ) ) { 		print "You cannot access this file directly."; 		exit(); } customer data here ?>

now i can't access my files what is the method to access them

all i want is to protect the file not to be opened directly but how to implement it in a frame or something like

display the contents in a frame or echo the source code as the file is a customer data please i am stuck and can't launch this small site

thanx in advance

Notice from truefusion:
All coding must go into the CODE bbcode

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Is this the only bit of code you got from the web? the reasn i ask is this, in a login system there are essentially three steps: 1] I enter my username/password 2] The website checks them to see if theyre correct 3] If they are correct i get to see the page, if not i go back to step one.the bit of code youve got there is basically only step 3, so the problem is the user doesnt get a chance to enter their username and you dont have any code to see if its right so step 3 cant actually work on its own!If you have other source code you got from the net then steps 1 and 2 might be in there which is good, otherwise i would suggest finding a better script, i did write one of my own but without any php experience you would find it quite difficult to modify it to fit around your site

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