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Spyware Ad What else can I say?

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I was checking out something in the techrepublic website and came across this download http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. I read through the functions of the software and pasted below is wat I found . . .

Overview: PersonalWeb learns your interests by collecting data from your various Web browsers about how you use the Web, and also identifies some of your computer settings and software applications. PersonalWeb then finds content to match your interests by analyzing Web sites, search results and other sources of information to identify highly relevant content and ads for you. After that, PersonalWeb creates your new home page, replacing your current Internet Explorer and Firefox home pages with a more personalized home page that brings your favorite sites and content to you automatically. Finally, PersonalWeb updates your content as your interests change, based on your realtime online activities.

Now, come to think of it that the behaviours of this PersonalWeb is exactly the behaviours of spywares and adwares. People, please beware of these downloads lest you infect your computer before you know it.

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Well, there are too many tricks to fall in some annoying advertising that cames with dangerous software that put your computer upside down.It's a shame that Techrepublic joins to this kind of advertising, but I think if they do that is because they know what they're doing with the people that visit them. :P My advice is to use Internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, Maxthon that came with tools and plugins to stop this kind of dangerous software and, to change to other sites that don't use rude advertising like that.

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