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Windows Xp Shells Most people dont know that Windows has 3 shells

Which shell do you use for your Windows XP  

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What is a shell?

A shell is a normal executable which will replace the taskbar (at the bottom). This is achieved by not running explorer.exe but instead the another exe. It can be just any exe and usually has more useability and functionality.


Shell in Windows:

Actually, Windows has three executables running that can be called a shell: 'explorer.exe', 'Task Manager' and the 'Run...' dialog. The TaskBar (big bar at the bottom, usually) is a part of explorer.exe.


Shell generations:

This shows that Windows has a first generation shell. There are three generations: Windows has first; Aston is first; LiteStep and SharpE are second; DesktopX is third (yes, DesktopX by Stardock is a shell).


The difference is that first generation loads everything at start up; second loads everything on-demand (as separate processes) with a 'core' as in SharpE that has SharpE Core, SharpE Bar, etc. Third generation is made for appearence rather than performance, as most PCs has good hardware (usually).


List of popular Windows shells in order of preference:

- Litestep (personal favourite) :P

- SharpE

- Aston (not free)

- Xoblite

- Black box (sister/bro of Xoblite)

- GeoShell

- Talisman

- Default


Notice from serverph:
:P mostly plagiarized from source below.


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