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Method Of Printing List Of Documents

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I am working on a project that due to specific needs of the papers being submitted, submitters submit MS Word documents to the online system. A team of judges need to view each submission and score it. I want to allow them to print out all of the submitted MS Word documents. If they were just web pages I could toss in page breaks and compile them all in a list. Does anyone know of any tricks that would allow me to print out a seriers of submitted Word documents in a chain without forcing the judges to manually open one file at a time and print?Thanks

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dunno if these could help you:

have not tested these personally, but it may do the trick. :D can't give you more info, as i just made a google search for an appropriate tool for the purpose you require. just browsed the pages, but you can read more to check if any would suit your needs. :D

will be on the lookout for any other apps you can use. :D

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