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The Darksiders Looks like a good ps3 rpg game

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This game is not expected to hit stores till like the end of this year. It's sort of like a mix between GOW and Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's mainly about a legendary horseman named war and it is not your typical save the world or destroy the world type of game. It has angels, demons, horsemen, and some other characters in it but its based on after the destruction of earth. This character War starts off like Krados in GOW2 and he fights a few enemies and then has his powers stripped from him and he fights a big boss at the beggining sort of like Krados did at the beggining. Then after he loses his powers he starts on a big quest to regain them back (GOW2). In this game he can find weapons and use them. Think bazooka type weapons not small shotguns and handguns. He can use a grappeling hook sort of like the one in zelda and he adventures into places that look like places from Zelda and GOW. I've got more info on this game which i will post later. But you can check it out in the August gameinformer issue. or gameinformer.com

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