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Forsaken Ragnarok Online is no typical RO server, after 7 long months of source


editing and programming we can truly say we offer one of the best RO experiences out


there! Now you might be thinking ?What makes this server different from the rest?? my


answer is simple, with enjoyable quests, balanced custom items, and a spectacular


home town what else could you desire? That?s not all! Our Online Support Team will


solve your hacked/scammed case within 24 hours guaranteed! Our GM Team consists of


well-organized mature individuals; even so we understand that misunderstanding happen


that?s why we also offer 24 hour support on concerns regarding our GM Team! Simply e


-mail us and you will receive an explanation or solution within 24 short hours


guaranteed! Unlike most RO server out there we offer the Donation Coupon System, an


exceedingly flexible donation options available to all players from all parts of the


world! We understand that not everyone can donate, that?s why we have setup an


extremely stable and well-organized economy that allows non-donators to obtain


donation items easily!


Frequently asked questions:

1. What are the rates?

Our rates are 6k base level, 6k job level, and 100% all normal cards, 30% all


MvP Cards.


2. I have a suggestion where should I post it?

Thank you for helping us improve! You may post all suggestions on our forums if it


is accepted by the majority of our players we implement it!


3. What are your hosting specs?

FreeBSD - Guru

4 GB ram.

Dual 250 GB Hard drive.

100mb/s dedicated line.


4. Will my account be secure?

Certainly! Apart from us providing hacked/scammed support, we have a custom system


which does backup every 3 hours automatically with no lag to our players!


5. What time is the server up?

Forsaken Ragnarok Online is a dedicated server ( we pay for our hosing), which is


located in Chicago (GMT-05:00 Eastern Time) it is up 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we


have an Automatic Maintenance System meaning there is no need for us to shut down the


server for maintenance at the expense of our player's gaming time.


6. When is War of Emperium?

American Woe is on Saturday and Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM (GMT-05:00 Eastern Time).


European WoE is on Friday, at 7 PM to 9 PM (GMT+01:00 Amsterdam Time), each WoE has


different castles enabled at their respective times; meaning American players won't


lose their Castles to European Players and vice versa!


7. Does Forsaken Ragnarok Online have any events?

We certainly do! We have various different types of events that are done on a daily


basis, examples would be: Poring Events, Hide and Seek Events, and Last Man Standing


Events. We also have an automatically enabling event called the MvP Event for more


information look on our website!


8. What is the Donation Coupon System?

The Donation Coupon System allows you to donate from 1 USD to 1,000 USD, once


we receive the donation, you will instantly receive your donation coupons!


With inconceivably fun game play, friendly staff, and extensive support what are you


waiting for? Come join Forsaken Ragnarok Online today!













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best stats for champion - forsaken ro champion statsForsaken Ragnarok Online

could someone please tell me the best stats to have as I play forsaken ro alot and cant seem to find the best stats for my champion... I have asked people on the server and they wont tell me anything...

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