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Ridwan sameer

Gfx Crew Application. {Ridwan sameer}

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Name: Ridwan Sameer
E-mail: ridsameer007@hotmail.com

Time designing:
approximately 8 months. I a a very fast learner

Other sites:
Admin at the GFX forward Forums.


My *latest* work

This is a template created for my dad\'s website.


Two more templates:-

And another sig:-

well i think i have shown everything your\'ll need. I havemuch more work but they are in PSD files and im lazy to open Photoshop CS3 :)

Well i have shown sigs, templates and animation what more doyou want. It has always been my dream to be in the GFX crew. I really love GFX

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For the most part you have some of the basics down, brushing, coloring and blending and text, now your step is to hone those skills and thats what takes the longest. You best shot to really hone your skills is reading hundreds of tutorials and then combine the techniques together to make some good gfx designs.-For sigs I recommend gamerenders.com, charmed-arts.com, of course gfxtrap tutorials to help hone in those skills-Templates you could use pixel2life.com to pick up many idea's on how to design templates.I would say if you design nothing but sigs while using tutorials for 2-3 months solid and then stop reading them (making sure to remember the idea's) you will see a vast improvement when you design a sig from scratch with no tutorials to help you.So it's no for now but like I said all it takes practice and lots of practice to get good at it.

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It's a no for me still also. You have improved since your last application - but not enough. You need a lot of work with coloring and blending your renders. The template for your dad website doesn't match his business. He's a realtor, but the website seems like it'd be for a gaming clan or something.

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Here are things you can start working on from what i currently see:



Colors: More than one color, and choosing the right colors that work well with each other.

Render: Blending and choice.

Brush styles: use more than one—this helps with depth.


Designed for all kinds of connection speeds.

Designed for actual use.

Designed for majority of screen resolutions.

I would suggest working on these one by one, not all at the same time.

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