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Need For Speed Most Wanted Review A review for Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Name: Need For Speed Most WantedGenre: RacingRelease date: America: November 16, 2005 Japan: December 10, 2005Platform(s): Windows, the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and mobile phones. Developers: EA black boxTime to learn: Not long at all, you just need to get the basic controls down, like with xbox 360, R is to drive, a is hand brake, B is nitrous, and etc, it will say more in detail ingame.Level of freedom: (Out of 10) 9, because the left over 1 is the chance that the cops chase you.Graphics: (Out of 10) 10!! it makes you feel like you are in the game!Gameplay: (Out of 10) 9 It is absalutaly great, but has a couple of flawsSound: (Out of 10) Hmm... GREAT, along side with the amazing graphics, this feels like your driving a real car, and the music is good also.Value for money: (Out of 10) Yes, it is worth every penny, you should really buy itThe Good: It is very interesting to get chased by the cops, that goes on for hours if you are into it, i have had a 2 hour cop chase, and, of course, i won. (escaped)The Bad: Umm... it doesnt not have bad graphics? :)Summary:Ok, well this rookie just began street racing (you) and races somebody on the blacklist. There are 10 people on the black list, and he needs to beat all of them to get to number one, you can also get pink slips to be able to take custody of the other person's car, if you win of course. So you race this person, and he punctures a hole in the oil or something before you start, and in the middle of the race, you stop, because your car breaks down, and then he takes custody of your car. Then you have no car, and find a girl that helps you get a car, and keeps record of the black list for you. You try to get to blacklist number one (the person who stole your car) and along the way you have to beat ALL the other people in the blacklist, and you have the ability to buy, and change your car. Like you can add better nitrous, or you can add better tires, transmission, engine, or pain, etc.... Once you pimp out your car and everything, you prepare it for races that you have to beat before you challenge the next black list person, then when you challenge him, and beat him/her in TWO races, you get to choose three things, they usually are unknown (surprise basicly) another unkown, then engine, transmission, and visual (paint and stuff) i think those are what they usually are, the unknowns are either all the things i said, or a pink slip, where you can take the opponants car. (I usually don't take the pinkslip) and you have to get certain amount of bounty, you get bounty by getting, and escaping cop chases, the most i have ever gotten in bounty is like.. 20000000000 i think.. lol it was a lonnnngg race.. and once you get to the bottom person.. i don't know what happens, my xbox 360 broke, and i can't play, im at blacklist number 3

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