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this would be very useful for WEB Programmers
if you have a cpanel host, you know that you cannot create MySql DBs and you should do it just by CPanel.

by this code you can do it in your programs:

<?php// cPanel username$cpanel_user = "user";// cPanel password$cpanel_password = "password";// cPanel host$cpanel_host = "host";// cPanel theme/skin, usually "x"$cpanel_skin = "x";// Path to cURL on your server$curl_path = "/usr/bin/curl";///////////////////////////////////////* Code below should not be changed *///////////////////////////////////////if(isset($_GET['db']) && !empty($_GET['db'])) {  // escape db name  $db_name = escapeshellarg($_GET['db']);  // will return empty string on success, error message on error  $result = exec("$curl_path 'http://$cpanel_user:$cpanel_password@$cpanel_host:2082/frontend/$cpanel_skin/sql/adddb.html?db=$db_name'");  // output result  echo $result;}else {  echo "Usage: cpanel_create_db.php?db=databasename";}?>

just replace change these values:



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Interesting script but $5 says that this is a not a secured script and if anyone saw this saw script running on a site they could use it to plant a wonder SQL injection into your site, or use for a location to sql inject another site. Then while they get away scott free the person hosting the site this script is on will get in trouble for it.

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