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Flash + PHP: How can I transfer vars?

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I am making a little section for a friends website.

Here is what I have so far.

:SWF File here:

And I made it you match the layout of here site.


As you can see I pretty much have the layout of it down. Some little bugs to be worked out with characters allowd in the text boxes and what not. But I have a good platform.

NOW for the fun part!

Getting vars from flash to send, via POST, to PHP. I have been trying to find a good tutorial on this online but I am not having such great outcomes!

So if anyone can help me here please go for it!

This is exactly what I am looking for.

A way to pass vars from a flash swf(embeded in a .php file) to the PHP via a sumbit button on the SWF, then have the variable saved into a corisponding section in a DB.

I don't need any help with getting it saved to a DB, if anyone can get me to a point where as I can echo the variable in the PHP file and it show the one from the SWF file I am good as gold.

SO PLEASE! If anyone knows any tid bits of information I would be honored!


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I believe you use the loadVariablesNum function. I haven't done any Actionscript for a little while, so this may not work perfectly, but I believe you do something like this:


varFirst = "one";varSecond = "two";loadVariablesNum("page.php?varFirst="+varFirst+"&varSecond="+varSecond", 0, "POST");

Despite it using a URL that looks like it uses GET, it should still use POST to send the variables across to the PHP script. They can then be used in PHP as $_POST['varFirst'] and $_POST['varSecond'].
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I don't think it matters where you have the variables stored, as long as you pass them in the way I have shown to the PHP script. I am sure that setting the text boxes to store their content in the variables would work just fine, but I have no way to test it at the moment.

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