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How To Delete Your Search History In Microsoft Internet Explorer

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How to delete your search history in Microsoft Internet Explorer


As you know, when you type a keyword in google or yahoo, Microsoft Internet Explorer saves your keyword for later search. Unfortunately these keywords remain on your hard drive even you clean your cookies. To clean your keywords do following:


In Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

1- Click on Tools and then select Internet Options.

2- In Internet Option window, click on content tab.

3- In content tab, click on " AUTOCOMPLETE" button.

4- In " AUTOCOMPLETE SETTINGS" window, click on " CLEAR FORMS" to remove your search keywords.

5- If you don't want to Microsoft Internet Explorer saves your forms later, unclear FORMS check box.


In Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0

1- click on Tools menu (or hold down ALT and then press O) and then select Internet Options.

2- In Internet Option windows, click on General Tab, in Browsing History click on Delete.

3- In Delete Browsing History window, in Form Data section, click on Delete forms button.

4- To delete all History such as Temporary Internet Files or cookies click on Delete All.

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umm i really dont think that there should be a tutorial on how to erase your history cause mostly everyone who uses a computer daily knows how to clean there history.

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I would have to agree with street on something that is common knowledge to most everyone, however, you get the occasional noobie computer user and so it still has it's purposes for those using a computer for the first time.

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To delete history of recently accessed pages in internet explorer, there are two ways to delete it:1.>Right click on the internet explorer icon on the desktop.2.>Select Properties3.>In the General Tab select Browsing History tab4.>Click on Delete button or you can press Alt+d key on the keyboard for deleting histrory5.>Select the Temporary Internet Files,Cookies,History option and press Delete button. Second way to delete history is:1.>Click on internet explorer icon on the desktop or on the taskbar of your windows OS.2.>Click on Tools option and click on Internet Optionsand follow the above steps from 3-5 to delete history

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The fastest way to clear them was to use a free high quality cleaner which can be found here http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner.

Before you click the link be sure that you need at least one of the following
1. Clear registry trash left behind by uninstallers
2. Clear Internet Explorer history, Cookies and autoform values
3. Clear Firefox history and Cookies and sometimes autoform values (depends on the windows version)
4. Clear Opera's browser history and cookies
5. Clear recycle bin
6. Clear cache installer files from Microsoft softwares
7. Clear bak and temp files and other things that is trash.
8. Turn off unwanted services at startup
9. Reload a system recovery snapshot (requires system recovery to be on)
10. Reset your windows start menu and ordering.
11. Clear your favorite program on start menu.
12. A cleaner that cost nothing and works from windows 95 to windows 7


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